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Christian Faith Ministries is based out of Jos, Northern Nigeria. Political, cultural, and religious conflict has been commonplace in the region for decades. CFM established a presence in Jos in 2007 and we continue to work there restoring communities that have been devastated by terrorism and neglect.
The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of CFM. We believe that it is by following Jesus' example that we can bring heaven to earth and see our communities transformed.
We sow love where there was hatered and peace where there is unrest. We shelter the vulnerable and reconsile with our enemies. We pray for a heavenly imagination as we seek to restore and grow what has been damaged.
We all have something to learn from each other and at CFM the learning never stops. We create opportunities for children to learn where they otherwise would not be able to. We teach vocational skills to those who would be otherwise unemployed and we train others so that they can see their communities transformed.