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Following Jesus and training disciples in Islamic Africa









Christian Faith Ministries is based in Jos, northern Nigeria. In the last few decades this area of Sub-Saharan Africa has been witness to countless acts of terrorism and religious violence. CFM stands in the midst of these cultural differences offering another way through Jesus. We train, witness, love and nurture. God is changing the Islamic world.
We believe in reconciliation, forgiveness, love and hope for a way forward. Jesus is the way forward. Not the Jesus we often paint in our religious fortresses but the Jesus who came to seek and save the lost, the Jesus who spent his time reconciling the differences of a war torn Israel and the Jesus who now rescues Muslims through dreams and visions.
We train at the grass root level, equipping those from all walks of life to make disciples and plant churchs. We share the truth with those far from God and we encourage those who know God to do the same. We love those who persecute us by providing schools and vocational training for their children. We know a different world is not far away and we journey towards it.








What we believe, act on and pass on  








 We believe Jesus died and rose again and that he ascended into heaven and now rules over the earth. Creation is not as it should be but He is transforming it through us. We have been given a mandate as we step into this fallen world to transform it through his love. Have a look through the book of Isaiah…
RR2 Rediscovering Revelation looks at our past and future. This book reviews the claims of futurism, a view held by millions of Christians today, and shows that Jesus and His current reign is the centre of biblical prophecy, rather than date setting and end-times speculations. There is a better vision in the scriptures than ‘pan-millennialism’. Get ready for a gospel centred discovery of the Prophets and the Revelation which is changing our world today! 
ctc2 Can we dream of a new vision for our personal lives and for the world, rather than go by the habits learned from generations?… Not really a new vision, but unearthing the biblical vision of Christ’s kingdom from the Prophets and teachings of Jesus. What does the Bible really teach about God’s plan for the world we live in? What does it teach about our relationships with each other and how we respond to those of other faiths, especially when persecuted? Kent draws on experiences from one of the most troubled spots in the world, applying them to our global predicament today.


CHRIST IN YOU Jesus Christ came to give us the kingdom and proved this by casting out demons, signs and wonders, fulfilling scripture and the resurrection from the dead. Pentecost brought us into the life of Christ. This book explores this life, treating the following topics. It challenges us to a Christian life to reach the world with the gospel: Christian Heritage, Theology Spirit baptism, Sanctification, Election, Israel, Spiritual warfare, The gifts, The law and prophets, Christ’s Kingdom, End-times, Missions, Education, Christian life.
JUST LOVE God’s love is revealed through his Message: the Logos. Whether in creation, our conscience, scripture or in the coming and life of Jesus Christ, this Message is the same. Through his message God reaches out to man to call him to repentance and to the gift of eternal life, by the shed blood of the Son. His love comes to us individually in the baptism of the Spirit in new birth, and eventually takes over our life as we share his gospel love with the church and with all others in missions.

CO Kent Hodge draws on nearly 30 years experience in Missions and church growth in this radical new book about how to live like Jesus both in times of persecution and in an indifferent Western world of moral decay. It’s radical because it’s so simple. We don’t belong in camps and we do need to cross bridges. In fact we need to build the bridges between the camps of differing opinion and practice in the church, to search out the simple truths that Jesus lived before the recorders of the Gospels. Did Jesus really mean what he said in the Sermon on the Mount? How do we do that?




All Kent’s Hodge’s books are available to purchase in hard copy online through Book Depository.   Book Depository




Christian Faith Institute



Following Jesus and training disciples in Islamic Africa










Christian Faith Institute is CFM’s Bible college. The current site is located towards center of Jos but plans are in place for the permanent location to be built on CFM’s recently purchased land on the outskirts of the city. Every year CFM trains indigenous pastors for the grass roots regions of sub Saharan Africa with the purpose of evangelisation and church planting in Islamic areas in nations from West, Central and East Africa.

The Bible Seminary in Jos that runs a two year diploma course and four year degree course and currently has over 400 students. Many of these students are converted Muslims called by God into ministry, working with various denominations. CFI is a member of ACTEA and boasts range of qualified and experienced lecturers from many denominations and accredited universities. All of CFI’s students are sponsored in full or part by the partners of CFM. Facilities include student boarding and catering, sports grounds, a research library, an online library and a gymnasium.
Bible courses are conducted for Hausa, English and French speaking students in separate venues on one campus. Extensive library and online computer facilities available. CFI offers the following degrees: Diploma, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree. We cater for all of the following: full-time, part time (weekends) and sandwich (June-July).Masters Intensive Programs are also run in the following months: August-September, March-April. Boarding facilities on site for female and male students. Scholarships available for all programs on application when the student arrives on campus.





To submit an application download the relevant file and bring it to CFI campus office: Bukuru, Jos – South Local Government Area of Plateau State.P.O.Box 458, Bukuru, Jos Road, 930254, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. For inquiries email:
Telephone or text: +234 (0)8055899881, +234 (0)709 8201 869
Telephone only: +234 (0)803 9498 613
Office hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Fridays







What we are doing locally to change our community through the gospel











 CFM’s long term goal is for a formal vocational training centre established on its permanent site. This will help develop individuals, families and communities. It is an opportunity to build bridges across communities, enabling us to show love to those who live in villages and who need development, to Islamic communities where education and employment are so needed.Vocational training that is relevant to daily life in Africa and responsible to our communities and environment, is a significant contribution to Christian love and community building in our region.Students at CFI are already receiving vocational training in languages (Hausa, English, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek), computer skills, electronics, carpentry, farming (corn, potatoes, soya beans, a range of vegetables), block making and building, children’s school management, video editing, media, small business development, cooking and domestic economics). Sections of the permanent site have been earmarked for vocational centres and small business.

  • Vocational Training

    A Muslim man and his co-worker continue work making school desks for our orphan children.


CFM has helped found and now sponsors Christian Faith Academy in Jos, northern Nigeria. CFA is a registered primary and secondary education centre for children. It has grown from pre-school classes to year six in primary school education. The school caters for children from all families and backgrounds, and provides a biblical based education along with the Nigerian based curriculum.CFA currently operates in several rented buildings alongside the main rented facility for the Bible College, CFI. Plans are to move CFA to the permanent site, when the buildings needed have been erected. CFM has also helped other schools develop in Nigeria’s north. Pictured below, CFM bought the land and erected the building behind the children playing. This is for converted Muslims who were being persecute din their former school.






Kent & Ruth Hodge



Long-term Missionaries to Nigeria








Kent and Ruth have over 28 years of experience as missionaries in Nigeria. They are the founders of Christian Faith Ministries. Their time, resources and all their heart goes into training, equipping and supporting gospel outreach in northern Nigeria. They have a vision and a call to see the gospel radically transform Islamic Africa. The road is bumpy but God is faithful. They’d love to share their stories and experiences with you as God continues to grow the Kingdom in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Invite Kent & Ruth to your church or make a general inquiry.


Thank you for your support, and for what it does in transforming lives through the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you would like to receive CFM’s weekly news/support email ”Subscribe” to



If you would like to invite Kent & Ruth to speak in your church please contact them using the details below. Kent & Ruth share about the mission work in Jos and Egypt and also share the word of God. They can be invited to share on missions or to teach seminars… in churches, Bible Colleges, house meetings, or other venues. With a Dr Min degree and as a Professor of New Testament, Kent may also teach short modules when invited to colleges. Kent & Ruth do not share the word of God or speak on missions for a fee, and they prefer staying in homes (rather than in hotels) when visiting churches. Free will gifts go entirely to the mission work of Christian Faith Ministries.

If you would like recommendations for Kent & Ruth, please ask Kent & Ruth and you will be connected directly to pastors you may speak to.










Partner with us through prayer and finances











The services CFM provide others in missions are funded by free will gifts from friends. CFM has no other sources of funding. If you would like to support CFM please use the details below. Accounts are available for your deposits made in Australia and deposits made in the UK. If you live in any other nation, please use the international banking details below to transfer gifts to the CFM UK account


Acc. Name: Christian Faith Ministries Int.
Westpac, BSB: 032870 Acc. No: 207255
Postal address for cheques: 362 Poictiers Street, Deniliquin, NSW 2710


Acc. Name: Christian Faith Ministries Int.
Sort Code: 401322 Acc. No: 61775723.

91 High Street
Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4RU
IBAN: GB69MIDL40132261775723

UK Charity Commission registration number: 1137723.

If you would like to give via Gift Aid Form please contact Peter Embling, Christian Faith Ministries: Peter Embling, 77A Coxtie Green Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5PS


Gifts to these accounts are used 100% for ministry expenses. Kent & Ruth do not draw support or a wage from ministry funds. All gifts to the ministry are audited through the registered charity Christian Faith Ministries Int. (see above). If you have any questions about the use of funds please contact Kent or Ruth, or Peter Embling (email address above). Accounts in Jos are audited annually by a public chartered accounting firm.

CFM’s philosophy is to use funds to support people and ministry on the mission field, not for fund raising, advertising, or administration costs in our home nations. The long term goal for the mission in Jos is local financial sustainability, with an accredited college, ongoing missions & church planting throughout African Sahel regions, as well as community developments through primary, secondary & vocational schools, small business enterprises and farming.

Inspired by the life of Jesus, the apostles and early church, CFM believes in reducing the living gap between its leaders and staff in the ministry. We don’t believe in using people on low income to make it easier for us to achieve our “missions goals”. We believe in living on less ourselves so that those we work with, who work in good faith, may also live in decent conditions with their families. We believe this best reflects the nature of the gospel we preach.

Kent & Ruth love to share with churches or groups about the mission. They love meeting with people and travelling to different areas to share the gospel. Inviting them to your region also helps a lot in spreading the news of the mission, and therefore helps the mission significantly in reaching many more with the gospel. 

Contact us in Nigeria

Telephone or text: +234 (0)8055899881, +234 (0)709 8201 869
Telephone only: +234 (0)803 9498 613

Bukuru, Jos – South Local Government Area of Plateau State.P.O.Box 458, Bukuru, Jos Road, 930254, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Office hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Fridays


Kent & Ruth

362 Poictiers Street, Deniliquin, NSW 2710

Kent: +61 (0)358 812847, Mob: +61 (0)418 586 815, Ruth: +61 (0)418 597 283


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