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Click here to download: Heaven and Earth We were joking around, thinking of a cover for my new book, Heaven & Earth. Maybe darkish blue sky, with stars. Maybe Abraham slitting the throat of a lamb, to renew the creation. That is the pagan view of how the creation is restored, that has bedevilled our societies since Cain. Jesus came to show that the atonement, that which brings forth the new heavens and new earth, isn’t taking life, but restoring it. He came to expose our violence and put an end to it by renewing our hearts and relationships. He shows us the “scandal of the victim,” that the victim scapegoat heals us by revealing the truth about ourselves, not by satiating God’s anger. Restoring the victim, “the least of these,” foolishness to Roman violence, a scandal to first century Jewish power (reversing the tables, showing that the strong should suffer for the weak), but the power of God for our salvation. A God who looks like Jesus, not like Zeus.
Click here to download: Reflections on Revelation The doomsday message that is so popular, and has been for so long, certainly appeals to many aspects in our human nature. Using Revelation as a speculative source book, for identifying the rogue nations and leaders of our time, is perfect fodder for our baser instincts of nationalism, self-preservation and scapegoating. You can go through almost any tragic event of our recent past, like major wars and revolutions, and you will find that parties on all sides claimed the moral high ground, while using the Revelation to identity others as the antichrist, to excuse their cruel, murderous behaviour towards “the guilty.” People are so vulnerable to be manipulated in this way. We can witness this in our own day, in so many different conflicts around the world. The scriptures, which are meant to produce good fruit of love and care, are so frequently turned to darker, selfish purposes.
Click here to download: Reflections in Romans Romans isn’t primarily a letter about our personal justification. Rather, Romans is a letter about God moving mankind from a life of accusation to a life of love and care for others. Accusation has filled our heart since the fall, in which we accuse ourselves and also our neighbour, bringing division, with personal and social destruction. The law has brought us into a downward slide into this captivity of separation from God and conflict. God has embarked on a salvation plan, in which in his love he takes our sin and forgives it. He then calls us to do the same for our neighbour...
Click here to download: Studies in Galatians A review of Paul’s first century context, followed by an overview of Galatians. Paul’s vision of the post-exilic promises of God to Israel, is fulfilled in the gospel of Christ, in a new Jew/ gentile community, bringing merciful justice to a world in division. Study notes by Prof. Kent Hodge
Click here to download: A Question of Discipleship (Study Notes) by Kent Hodge A look at discipleship and the early church, the scripture, the atonment, killing, simplicity, missions, love, friendship and suffering. Life isn’t much different today as it was in Jesus’ day. The kinds of things we see happening in the Gospels help us in our discussion about discipleship.
Click here to download: Salvation in Paul (Study Notes) by Kent Hodge Soteriology means the study of salvation. It is a well known category in Christian education. It normally begins with the letters of Paul. In those letters, we say, Paul is tracing out the truths of our personal salvation by faith. We say that this issue is at the centre of Paul’s teaching. However, this is a wrong view of Paul, and of salvation in general. Salvation by faith was not the central issue of Paul. And when we see salvation as primarily about our personal, or individual salvation, we make errors in our view of the biblical revelation...
Click here to download: Sexuality, Rome and The Church These notes review sexual morality in the context of pagan culture and in the overall picture of God bringing a new liberty to humanity and to the creation in its entirety. We see that in pagan culture there is a bent towards destruction. God’s law was a partial step in turning people back from this direction.
Click here to download: Origins of Violence by Kent Hodge A look at Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory and its relevance for our current world and its violence. What are some of the sources of violence? How do these things work in our lives’ today? How can we get to the kingdom Jesus spoke of, leaving behind our satanic rule of old?
Click here to download: Jesus' Teachings The clear teachings of Jesus have always been the greatest challenge for the church, or to what we call Christendom. We can have faith, teach the doctrines of Christ, stand against heretics, evangelise and build churches, but whether or not we look like Jesus, whether we are his disciples in regard to what he taught us, is often another matter. It reminds us of what Mahatma Ghandi once said, after he read the Sermon on the Mount, “Christianity looks like a good idea. Someone should try it.” And he added, “Jesus I like, Christians I don’t like.” In his day, it was difficult for Ghandi to find Christians who believed and followed what Jesus taught.
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Click here to download: Peacebuilding Deliberate Action to Bring Healing to our Nations - Peace is something we make; it doesn’t just fall from heaven. It is something we pursue. It is something that we go after. It is something that we work diligently at. This is to be a main endeavour of the church. We don’t say, “Well there is a cost involved and I don’t want that cost,” or, “Peace isn’t easy, other people aren’t very peaceful.” Instead, we are to recognize that making and building peace in our communities is a main calling of the church, and of the image of God in our lives.
Eschatology-Renewing-Service: Click here to download. Module: End-times isn’t the destruction of the world. End-times is a world serving church. This module looks at end-times from two perspectives. Firstly, it undoes the popular view that God is anti-world, that he is going to destroy the world and take his people to heaven. The second perspective explores the scriptures to see that God’s kingdom is in the world to renew it entirely. God is not going to destroy the world, but he has sent Christ and the church into the world to bring down his enemies.
Click here to download: Creation & New Creation Over the years we have often seen God’s salvation on a limited basis, that is, on an individualistic level. The gospel we have preached is about our personal salvation, our personal blessing, and our personnel eternal life in heaven. But now we have come to understand that this isn’t the gospel that God promised to the Hebrew people, and which Jesus came to fulfil. God’s plan of salvation involves the whole of his created order. When God made mankind, he put man over his creation. When man turned away from God, this whole creation was affected. God has come to restore mankind through the gospel, so the creation man is over may also be restored.
COMMUNITY RECONCILIATION KINGDOM: Click here to download. Kent Hodge, speaking from almost 30 years of experience training pastors and ministering in Nigeria, discusses Jesus' teachings and example of self-giving and generosity. Jesus drew people into his kingdom, showing unconditional love and walked the way he called his disciples to follow. Are we following him? Just whose kingdom are we building?
Click here to download: Violence in Scripture A history of human violence since the fall, and God’s unfolding program of his kingdom of peace. Read the story of man’s history from Genesis to our present time. Find out how the fall brought violence into our world. See what God began to do about this violence through his call of Israel. Learn how God at first adopted Israel’s sacrifice systems, as a way of atoning for sin, but gave a witness to move us all away from this violence, to restoring communities through mercy and care instead. Discover how God’s final act of setting man free from violence, was to become the object of that violence himself, on the cross. It was there that we learnt the true nature of our cultures and religions, and learnt the full extent of God’s love for us all. It was at the cross that we learnt to accept his free forgiveness for ourselves, and to pass that forgiveness onto our neighbours and enemies. It was at the cross that violence, as our way of “fixing” the world, was stripped from our hearts. It was at the cross that God launched a new community, to free the world of violence, by an active pacifism, one in which God’s people lay down their lives to serve. Find out how God gave man freedom in the creation and then, after the fall, how God began to moved mankind and his whole cosmos to maturity, and from our violence to his kingdom of peace.
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CROSSING THE CHASM: Click here to download. Can we dream of a new vision for our personal lives and for the world, rather than go by the habits learned from generations... Not really a new vision, but unearthing the biblical vision of Christ’s Kingdom from the prophets and teachings of Jesus. What does the Bible really teach about God’s plan for the world we live in? What does it teach about or relationships with each other and how we respond to those of other faiths, especially when persecuted? Kent draws on experience from one of the most troubled regions in the world and applies them to our global predicament.
JUST LOVE: click here to download. This book looks at issues related to the love of God and shows the continuity of God's love and character between the Old Testament and the New. One God, One Message! God's love is revealed through his Message: the Logos. Whether in creation, our conscience, scripture or in the coming and life of Jesus Christ, this message is the same. Through his Message, God reaches out to man to call him to repentance and to the gift of eternal life, by the shed blood of his Son. His love comes to us individually in the baptism of the Spirit in new birth, and eventually takes over our life as we share the gospel love with the church and with all others in missions.
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REDISCOVERING REVELATION: click here to download Rediscovering Revelation looks at our future and our past. This book reviews the claims of futurism, a view held by millions of Christians today, and shows that Jesus and His current reign is the centre of Biblical prophecy, rather than date setting and end-times speculations. There is a better vision in the Scriptures than "pan-millennialism". Get ready for a gospel centred discovery of the Prophets and Revelation, which is changing the world today! Be prepared to rethink your views.
CHANGING THE WORLD OURSELVES. In Northern Nigeria, where the church has suffered bombings, burnings, midnight attacks on the homes of Christians, only a return to simple gospel truths has shown us how to respond. The chapters of this book are illustrated with life stories, the stories and experiences of friends and co-workers living and overcoming in tough times. When you read what Jesus said in the gospels you don't get the impression that faith is some kind of escape clause to heaven. This book studies anew how the church goes about changing the world.
ISAIAH'S GOOD GOD: Click here to download. Isaiah's Good God grabs hold of the amazing understanding of God's character and His plan revealed to Isaiah. It is not a commentary or a treatise on the book. Rather it provides snapshots of God's purpose.