Care to Repair

Preparing pastors to love their communities and care for children and families around them in need. Thank you for your prayers and support. See details below (bottom of this newsletter): please sponsor a child and help repair our nation.


Pictured above: The entrance ceremony for new students at CFI. It’s what we call matriculation: those students who began at CFI in January 2015 are formally welcomed in gowns. They begin a two year program. This includes just our full-time students. CFI helps sponsor these students. Please help us to help them, this nation and neighbours.


Above: Students from all racial and religious backgrounds study the scriptures together at CFI. They learn that caring for those different to ourselves is learning to follow Jesus and learning to repair lives and a nation. It’s the “abundant life.”


Above: Our Pastor Toyin in Abuja delivers and installs a water tank to an orphanage we have adopted there. It’s part of his church’s ongoing support of the orphanage which we also help with financial support each month.


Above: At CFI Children’s Home this week, some of the children learn how to make body cream and detergent. They learn computing and typing, carpentry, sewing and other personal skills outside their normal school hours.


Above: Each child at CFI has made an apron.  Please sponsor a child at CFI’s Home. You may sponsor a child with any monthly amount you can afford. Each child made an apron from beautiful African style cloth. We will send you the child’s apron they made along with their photo. They would value your prayer. (Cost per child per month to keep with our family and educate is $300.)

Thank you!

Love from us all in Jos,

Kent & Ruth