Age 6, female
Bauchi State, Miya LGA
Date of coming: 2014

Abigail’s family come from a subsistence farming area dominated by Islam, where a Christian outreach and church has been established in the last 5 years by a CFI graduate. Pastor David, previously a Muslim, is the son of the former Emir (Islamic traditional ruler), brother to the current Emir, and has withstood much persecution, along with his church.
When Abigail’s father came to Christ he already had two wives and Abigail is the oldest child of the second wife. Her father is a farmer and also serves as an assistant pastor in the church. They are trusting God for resolution of the polygamy issue, but her father wants to do the best for Abigail and all his children. All of the schools in Miya are Madrassas so Abigail had not had the opportunity to go to school until Pastor David brought her to CFI.