Age: 22, male
Date of coming: March 2014


Idris, from a Fulani Muslim family, grew up in an extended family community where the children were divided into those to be educated and those to rear cattle. Idris was in the cattle rearing group, and was with a herd in Bauchi State. In 2010, after a disagreement with his father and brother, in anger Idris walked his cattle 3 days and nights east and ended up in rural Kaduna state.
Here he befriended a Fulani man who showed him kindness and gave him hospitality, so he stayed there with the herd. Gradually Idris became friendly with a pastor’s child living nearby and after some time was invited to watch a movie about Jesus Christ in the pastor’s home. Idris could not stop thinking about the movie, even dreaming about it, and finally accepted Christ as his personal Lord and saviour.
That very day his father came with soldiers in search of him (and his cattle) and heard that Idris had become a Christian. His father was furious. Idris heard, and ran from the pastor’s house up a mountain and slept there, afraid of what his father would do. At day break Idris came down and met the pastor, working in his field. The pastor told him that his father was holding the Fulani man who had been kind to Idris, declaring that if Idris did not come he would kill the man and his entire family.
Idris ran to show himself to his father in order to release the Fulani man. His father asked him, “Are you now a Christian?” Idris answered, “Yes!” The father ordered the soldiers with him to kill Idris, saying he could not allow his child to become a Christian. The soldiers would not kill him but they brought him back to his father’s home, where he was carefully watched and constantly under threat. Idris felt forsaken.
After 6 months, around Christmas time, Idris came across a Christian, and through him came to know Baba (father) Zagi, pastor of the Safe House in Jos. Idris was able to escape his relatives and spent a year of discipleship and primary education in the safe house, then came to CFI for more bible training and to allow him to attend secondary education.