Age 20, male
Bauchi State, Bogoro LGA
Date of coming: March 2014

Confidence and his brother and sisters are the children of a pastor serving in a Muslim dominated rural area, making education very challenging and finances a difficulty. Having enough to eat twice a day was a challenge for the family, and there was not enough left to pay school fees even in the cheapest public school.

Confidence did many jobs: bricklayer’s apprentice, tiling apprentice, to help feed the family but desperately wanted an education. He would wake in the night dreaming of solutions to mathematical problems. He was beginning to give up hope of ever getting an education. When Confidence returned home from a day’s labour his father told him to pack: they were off to Plateau to start school!

A friend of their father recommended he send the children to Baba Zagi, who bought them to CFI, where all the Gurama children have consistently scored top of their classes in a well- regarded highly competitive private secondary school.