Age: 22, male
Date of coming: March 2014

Born into a Muslim family, Inusa attended a primary school Madrassa for 6 years, and learned nothing but recitation of the Quran, being unable to read or write anything but his name at the end. Taken to Lokoja to stay with his grandmother for 3 years, his father refused to allow him further education, so he ran away back to Kano, where his maternal grandmother took him to Gombe and enrolled him in an Islamic school where his grandfather was an Islamic scholar. After completing this Islamic school Inusa’s father took him back to Lokoja, where he became an Islamic teacher for women.

Inusa began to observe the life of a neighbour, a pastor, which challenged him. He asked himself, how can an unbeliever (of Islam) live this righteous way? He began searching the Quran and other Islamic books but was not satisfied and felt deep within that Christ is the way and knew he must give his life to Christ. He asked a friend to help him, and they went to a pastor in the middle of the night, where he asked questions and was given answers. Becoming convinced that Christ is the ONLY way, Inusa was still afraid of his parents. After some time he accepted Christ, stopped attending the mosque and began to listen to Christian songs and messages. His parents sought to kill him but his grandmother opposed this and told Inusa of their plans so he escaped and was eventually helped to come to Baba Zagi’s house for discipleship. Later he came to CFI for secondary education.