Age 17, male
Kano State, Sumaila LGA
Date of coming: March 2014

Born into an idol worshipping family, Suleiman’s father became a Muslim and said Suleiman must also. Suleiman refused because he had heard the gospel and knew it was the truth. His father was very angry, so Suleiman was forced to run. Unfortunately the person he went to returned Suleiman to his father, who told him never to visit a church or a pastor, or he would kill him.

Some days later Suleiman was taken to an Islamic school in the middle of the night, so he could not trace his way back. Suleiman managed to run away and find his way back to Sumaila, to his pastor’s house. The pastor immediately brought him to Baba Zagi, in Jos, from where he later came to CFI for further education and bible training.