Dear Friends,

Below are some photos from last week. It’s a real joy for us to be part of these lives. Thank you for your prayer and support for the team and for the people we serve, and for the progress of the gospel in our region. Our team is also praying for you.

Above: One of the classes in exam last week, just before students left CFI for six weeks of Practical Ministry in various locations mainly in northern Nigeria.  Students will be preaching in hundreds of locations and reaching many thousands of people with the gospel.

Above: A visit from Jonathan Bornman, Global Consultant, Christian/Muslim Relations Team, Eastern Mennonite Mission. Jonathan spoke with a class of CFI’s Sandwich students, mainly pastors in for a refresher course during CFI’s six weeks break.

Above: Jonathan visits CFI’s two Computer Training Schools in Muslim districts, where we have Christians and Muslims learning and sharing together. This is the Bisichi centre, near CFI’s permanent site, where some of our staff and Kent and Ruth live when in Jos. Since this school began there has been no violence among the Fulani and farmers of our region and the gospel is spreading.

Above: Gabriel, left, Missions Director of CFI (working with CFI’s Mission Stations, Safe House work for adults, youth and children and Healing Justice work). To the right of the picture are the staff at Bisichi Computer centre. The Fulani/Farmer disputes have possibly seen as many deaths in recent years as the Boko Haram crisis. Answering these challenges and understanding/supporting people is an essential lifestyle for Christians, while providing an environment for the gospel to spread.

Above: Bisichi Computer Centre is run in the old mosque, left, with the new mosque right.

Above: Jonathan visits the CFI campus, where we are preparing rooms for more orphan children. Standing to the left is the chief of our local community, who also serves as a foreman and caretaker on CFI’s site, also allowing and regulating the Fulani as they graze their cattle on our land. $21,000 is needed to span this building with an iron frame before the roofing sheeting goes on.

Above:  Jonathan visiting the CFI children’s home. In the background the husband and wife who lead the children’s home. The husband, Alhassan Mohammed, is a graduate from CFI’s Bible College. CFI’s Children’s Home has 72 children, pictured here in their “House” uniforms for sports.

Above: graduates/pastors of CFI in Kaduna, meeting with well known Christian musician in his office. This was taken after a planning meeting for CFI’s upcoming Pastors/Graduates conference to be held in Kaduna this August.

Above: It has taken one year to repair the car Emmanuel Razack and Kent and colleagues were travelling in when they were ambushed and Emmanuel was killed. Bullet holes, body and engine parts were repaired which were damaged by bullet fire.

Above: CFI is putting in a water pipeline stretching almost two kilometres, to help provide clean drinking water to some 40,000 people living in our neighbouring Muslim community. People carry buckets on their head for over a kilometre to obtain clean water. The line is pictured here going past CFI’s Bible College in our rented premises at Bukuru.

Above: CFI’s Healing Justice team purchased a grinder (to grind corn, beans, cassava, etc) for a refugee family to start a small business, trying to rebuild their lives after losing their home and belongings in the terrorist crisis last year.

Above: Parents meeting last week at CFI’s children’s school. These are parents from our local area. Many of the children in the school are refugees or come from persecuted regions and don’t have parents or their parents can’t attend.

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Above: A Compactor Machine & a Vibrator Machine, to make better road and pathway blocks out of plastic bags and sand: to clean up Nigeria’s plastic rubbish, provide employment and beautify our environment. This is one of the industries going on at CFI’s permanent site, Du.

Above: White “Green House” netting arrives, to erect a large vegetable garden at CFI. Growing vegetables for CFI children, students and staff. This is an addition to CFI’s fish farms and 1,000 fruit tree farm, now growing.

“God’s plan in transforming our lives continues as we share with each other, as we live in community and make room for others and their needs.”

“The problem Jesus had with legalism was that the religious used it as a cloak to hide themselves from the needs of others.”

“A disciple is one who follows Jesus and adopts his selfless lifestyle towards those around him, drawing them into God’s family.”

“Missions is fellowship, entering into the lives of others and living out God’s response to the things we pass through together.”

In Christ, Kent & Ruth and the team in Jos