Jesus finishes scapegoating

CFM News: 21/04/15


Dear Friends,

Kent’s new book Community Reconciliation Kingdom is now available in print. If you would like us to send you a copy, please email us your postal address.

Please email us your POSTAL ADDRESS: for a free copy of COMMUNITY, RECONCILIATION, KINGDOM

The book is being translated into Hausa now for distribution through the Sahel in Africa. The translator is the SIM translator and a leading person in the SIM mission. He said he has been a missionary for many years but has never seen a book that so clearly explains what it means to be a missionary. He wants the printed Hausa copies for SIM interior missions.

Thank you to those who had both Kent & Ruth visit their churches the last 10 days in the Newcastle region. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share separately in different churches.  Below: Kent sharing at New Vine Church, Maryland. Next weekend we share at Deniliquin and Finley; May 2nd and 3rd Ballina and Brisbane.

New Vine

Thoughts for today…

The humility of God, of one so great and holy, who served and forgave in the midst of complete injustice against himself, leaves us utterly without excuse, but to follow.

In church history more and more creeds began to define who we were as believers. Creeds came to replace behaviour, how we live towards our neighbour and enemy, the distinctive of Christian discipleship: doing what Jesus did.

Jesus established a new kingdom and way to put an end to scapegoating and violence.

You come to think that the real work of satan (accuser) in our communities and world is through ourselves: the way we treat others, including our enemies, and act in a mob mentality, pointing our finger at others. We want to stone another satan, like the Muslims do every year in Mecca. We all do that by making our religions serve this impulse. The truth is too hard for us to face. “It was the woman You gave me.” We all scapegoat. We all have someone, or some group, to stone. Jesus’ alternative mission was the log in our own eye and loving those different to ourselves and our enemy, reaching out and including them and serving them: they are people like us. What if we all did that? Who will start? The church’s real mission.



Things are going very well in Jos. Above, Rev Gideon Bwala (aka Mallam G) preaching. We are grateful for the leadership and team we have. Thank you for praying for them. Thank you for being with us and for supporting the work. The witness to Jesus, his salvation and kingdom is having a very big impact on our region, through thousands of graduates and is spreading more and more through large Islamic communities.  Hundreds of new pastors for all denominations are being trained every year.


Above: A lady with advanced breast cancer gets help from CFI for a major operation.  Please pray for her! Ministries across Nigeria are picking up this example of caring for others, not just for Christians who suffer, but for everyone. It’s having an impact on many churches, on evangelism and in our relationships outside the church, and helping transform a nation. We can all do this in our nations for people our cultures reject. The more trouble we see, the more we can apply the solution. Besides that, people are wonderful and it’s such a privilege to be part of peoples’ lives.


Above: CFI brings a young “mad” girl (Grace) to a hospital with her mother for treatment. Grace was born with an undiagnosed disability, has wandered the streets, been raped, lost and hungry for years: her mother is a widow and unable to cope. Grace has stealthily slept on the front steps of CFI now for over a year and is finally beginning to trust us and to blossom. The change is impacting many people in her family and others who know her. In our divided world today we need to reach out to people in need, refugees, outcast people groups in our societies, in following our gracious God who reached out to us in Christ. This really needs to be more important to us in this current world climate than buildings and other expensive projects. Get to know others who are different, especially the rejects: the ones Jesus targeted. Your model of care can make it spread and spread…


CFI completes a new water reservoir for the proposed children’s home. This enables us to start making cement blocks on our site for the children’s home and security wall.


Above: CFI buys a computer, printer and a battery protector for power failure for the local police. Pictured are Paul Shettima (centre) and Timcit, one of CFI’s bookkeepers, with heads of the Bukuru Special Forces. This is part of our community program. In two years a waring community has come to complete peace because people are caring for others. Our students are spreading this through all their churches in our nation. It’s having a huge impact and drawing many to Christ.

Love and blessings, Kent & Ruth and the team in Jos