Missions to a Wider Region

Dear Friends,

This last week again has seen a lot of activity in and around Jos. We thank you for your prayer and support. If you would like to support one of the outreaches, whether through our growing student body of pastors and missionaries, or our children’s homes, or rebuilding efforts of mercy in the nation, please use the support details at the bottom of this email. Thank you.

CFI Student Growth

Above: a class with some of the CFI students yesterday. Students are being prepared to go out on six weeks of practical ministry throughout northern Nigeria in June/July. They will be sharing the gospel in missions, in rural areas, in cities and townships. CFI is already admitting students for the new July semester.  Kent & Ruth are returning in July to teach for the remainder of this year.

CFI Northern Nigeria Mission Conference

Above: work done last week on the All Purpose building, preparing rooms downstairs for new orphan children to join CFI’s Children’s Home. As these demarcated rooms are completed we wish to roof the entire structure. Please help us to pray for the funds required for this big step. When it is completed we desire to hold a Mission Conference to gather thousands of graduates and those working in missions in far regions of Africa’s Sahel, to equip them for the work ahead in northern Nigeria and surrounding nations.

Help Them Go Home

Above: farm materials were given out to 21 farmers in the north-eastern region of Uba. They are predominately women who are still alive and who have returned to their region formerly taken by Boko Haram. With help from supporters, CFI is helping families with enough seed, fertilizer and insecticide to farm 1 hectare of land. Many have lost all their belongings and enabling them to farm again is a simple way to help them to restart. This is just one of the groups we are helping, through a graduate pastor, Hosea Bukar, in Uba, Adamawa State.

Above: the same group receiving farm materials during their Sunday church meeting. We also gave out copies of our recent book Community Reconciliation Kingdom in the Hausa language, to encourage caring among Christians and Muslims in the region: following Jesus to build new community. “Let’s start properly to build a new future. A fresh opportunity to overcome evil with good: overcome division through gospel caring.”

Helping Children Refugees

Above: 15 more children arrive at CFI to be shared out to boarding schools in Jos, as most schools in their home region have been destroyed and they have lost family members, homes and farms. Friends are helping pay their fees. CFI assists also, paying for their transport, uniforms, shoes, clothing and some of their personal expenses.

Above: last Friday was Children’s Day in Nigeria. Our own children from CFI’s Children’s Home spent the day at Jos zoo and museum, before having special events with our church in Jos.

Above: CFI’s Children Home secondary aged children worked on the new 1,000 tree orchard, keeping the weeds back. This orchard will provide great support for CFI students and children into the future.

Above: ploughing begins on CFI’s permanent site for farming during this wet season. We have also shipped green house netting from the UK to arrive in Jos next week, which will allow us to grow insect -free vegetables on the site, as well as keep our fish farms warm in cooler months.  This all provides crops, vegetables and fish for the students and children of CFI.

Testimony From Egypt

“I was a satan worshipper, drug addict and hooked on alcohol. The Lord Jesus appeared to me in a vision and said I belonged to Him and set me free. He has filled me with His Spirit and with many talents.”

Thank you for your prayer and support.
With love from all in Jos,
Kent, Ruth and the Team