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CFM (Christian Faith Ministries) is a UK registered charity based in Jos Nigeria. We are a Christian organization with a focus on peacemaking and mission to Islamic and Pagan areas of Northern Nigeria. Our activities range from providing refuge for children and converts in crisis to training pastors and missionaries from grassroots areas.

CFM Overview
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Statement of Faith
We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the incarnation of Israel’s God, come to bring salvation and new creation. We believe in the authority of scripture. We believe in the church, living out the witness of the kingdom of God in community, bringing reconciliation and renewal to our nations.



I find statements of faith funny things. We are quite happy to argue and reject people based on their statements, while in Australia, for example, we own and sleep at night on land taken from Aboriginals without compensation, and we have no trouble with that. I think conservatism got a lot of things right with scripture, but not community, and community is the lynchpin. It is what scripture is revealing to us in its story.

Evangelism is a work of social justice.'Loving our neighbour' means seeking to put things right with those around us. Wherever we live in the world, this is our aim, even at cost to ourselves. This is bearing the likeness of the cross, and this is our most plain statement of faith, read on our hearts and lives.

Kent Hodge - CFM Presidnet


Working in Sub-Saharan Africa & Egypt

(Since CFM was Established in 2007)

Children Rescued

In our Crisis Homes where we house and educate orphans of terrorism and extreme poverty [see more...]



Since 2007 we have been training pastors and missionaries from grassroots for ministry [see more...]


Mission Stations

Staffed with missionaries reproducing disciples and churches in unreached areas of Northern Nigeria [see more...]


Community Development Projects

Ongoing community development projects throughout Northern Nigeria including income generation, social business, agriculture, skills training and peacemaking


Aided Through Relief Funds

Our emergency aid fund meets the immediate needs of victims of terrorism and extreme poverty [see more...]


Persecuted Disciples

*NEW PROJECT* House and disciple converts who have faced extreme persecution since making the choice to follow Jesus [see more...]