Peace in Conflict

Dear Friends,

Graduates’ Conference in Abuja

CFI held a two day conference near Abuja for pastors. 80 former graduates came. We shared about what Jesus taught us and how this relates to the situation we are facing in Nigeria today. It was a wonderful time together.

This is our message: God revealed himself by sending Christ. He said, “This is who I am and this is what I do.” Christian life is doing what God did, giving himself in love on the cross to serve and reconcile his enemies. God says, “This is what I am like, take up your cross and follow me. Do what I do. This is abundant life for you and your communities.”

Nigeria’s federal election is being held today. Many people have fled the north in anticipation of mass killing during or after the election. Leaders of CFI have been contacted by their families and urged to flee Jos, but they are all still there, at rest, reaching out in care for Christian and Muslim in our neighborhoods Gabriel said, “Lots of people are leaving Jos before the election. They will be surprised that Plateau State (of which Jos is the capital city) will be more peaceful than where they are fleeing to.” Please pray for our nation, that people will respond in love and not be governed by propaganda.


Above: Abuja Graduates/Pastors’ conference last week

Children’s Home

Pictured below is Forlord, a girl that was brought to us last year. She had been abandoned and was wandering the streets and starving. She wouldn’t talk to anyone and was terrified. Since then Forl-Lord has blossomed under the care of the staff at CFI. This week we calculated how much it costs us to care for our children at home and in school per month. It shocked us that the cost came out to $300 per month per child. What amazes us (joyfully) is that the Lord has faithfully provided for each of our 72 children, even with all the other Bible College and community projects we have going on. Thank you for your prayer and support. What a blessing!


We now have seven home groups running in Egypt. People are being saved and are joining the groups. Converts from earlier years are being trained as group leaders. We are running classes for all the people in short camps and further studies for the leaders using CFI course material. There is a great response to the gospel. People are being saved out of terrible backgrounds. Thank you for your ongoing prayer for this work. God willing, we would like Henry and his family to move to Egypt to be with our people there fulltime and grow the work.

 Pictured above: A family that recently came to the Lord give their house for a house group. Pictured with CFI staff Henry Diamond.

Love from us all in Jos,

Kent & Ruth