Community Development Projects

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Ongoing development is critical for communities all over Nigeria. Much of the North in Nigeria remains in extreme poverty with poor access to healthcare, clean water, electricity and basic education.

At CFM we believe a sustainable plan for development is part of the gospel message and part of our responsibility as people who share the gospel.

Although the situation at many times looks desperate we maintain that nobody has nothing to give. Despite the high levels of need, communities can be empowered to work together and create opportunities. Our work in communities involves spreading this message, facilitating locally run projects and monitoring their success. As we continue to learn what projects work and what doesn't work we are well positioned to help these communities develop.


Each mission station is staffed with a trained and resourced community development worker. These workers are expert facilitators, they inspire, unite and train locals to see local assets mobilised to help the community.

Much of their work is concentrated on informing the community of the benefits of clean water, disease prevention, education. Workers then facilitate, and resource where necessary, the start of projects and monitor their success.
Our permanent site is home to many development projects including education, water projects, care for the elderly, vocational training e.t.c.

We also enter local communities and help them finance and maintain their own projects including resourcing schools, digging bore holes and helping to stock local clinics.

Our latest project is the construction of a damn that will provide access to clean water for homes as well as providing irrigation for nearby farmers so they can produce all year around.