Christian Faith Institute

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CFI is our Bible College located in Jos. Here we have more than 400 students enrolled in part-time or full-time study. We offer diploma, degree and masters in practical theology. All students must undergo at least 2 months of practical experience in their fields before graduating.

We train pastors and missionaries from grassroots areas to serve in ministry in Northern Nigeria

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Full Time Diploma = 2 Years

Full-Time Degree = 2 Years

Masters Degree

All programs are available in English, Hausa and French.

Part Time students can attend weekend classes or a 6 week intensive in June/July.
CFM offers scholarships to the majority of diploma students as well as many degree students. Good theological education should not just be available to those with money, many times it is those who have nothing that have the most to give in the Kingdom. We provide them with a healthy start, giving them the skills to disern proper practises from unhealthy ones.
We have a large network of graduates many of whom we continue to work closely with. We have found that this gives us a tremendous advantage when it comes to working with trustworthy people in different parts of the country. We often select the best graduates for our mission stations [see more...]
The majority of our Diploma/Degree students live on Campus where we house and feed them.

We currently rent facilities inside Jos. We are currently building our new facilities 10min outside the city. We expect to make the move by 2019.

CFI Online is our online learning platform. Students can enroll as long as they have access to a computer system or smart phone. As technology becomes more and more affordable we want to be able to provide a learning platform to suit the changing times.

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