Healing Justice Mission

Project details

  • Date

     May 7, 2015

  • Task

     To provide for the most needy in our community

  • Category

     Healing Justice Fund


HJM is a relief fund to cover emergency expenses for victims of terrorrism and extreme poverty. Living in extreme poverty making ends meet from day to day is difficult. When crisis hits it can be almost impossible for a family to recover. A family that struggles to pay children's school fees, buy food and pay rent can spiral downwards if, for example, the main breadwinner in the family dies or the family is forced out of thier home and their livelhoods ruined by terrorism.

HJM steps in in these emergency situations to provide aid in the short term. This prevents a spiral downwards into futher poverty.

After the emergency we strive to help families/widows further through different development programs/churches.


We help to pay the school fees of widows. During the terrorism in Jos many women were left widows. The government provides no support. Without aid and opportunities the children will be live a life of extreme poverty. We help them exit this cycle.
Hospital fees for a family can be devestating. Many poor families will be forced to take out loans with extreme interest rates. Often sick will die anyway and the family will be crippled.
When widows and struggling family's livelihoods are ruined they have little way to generate income. We can step in and provide some simple business tools to help them get back on their feet.
Struggling to make ends meet can be impossible when you home collapses. Where we can we will step in to prevent that family descending into extreme poverty.