Christian Faith Academy (CFA)

Project details

CFM’s Christian Faith Academy has been up and running since 2009, having been partly inspired by the work of volunteer visitors from the UK. These days, we’re registered with Plateau State Government as a primary and nursery school, both operating out of rented facilities at CFM’s Bukuru campus. We’re currently made up of 150 children (and growing), about 50 of whom come from CFI’s kid’s home. The other 100 amble in from our CFI staff families and the local community. CFI staff also volunteer much of their spare time to teach secondary school courses, preparing youth for the entrance exams required by local high schools in the area.
The need to establish CFA came from various angles. There was the need to provide education for the kids in our children’s home. There was also the unfolding situation in the refugee camp across the road that we couldn’t simply turn a blind eye to. Then there was also the issue of high school fees often charged by other schools – all schools charge fees here. Aside from that, there was also the chance to offer practical skills as well. Alongside the Nigerian national curriculum, CFA also teaches computer skills as well as practical skills such as sewing and carpentry.
We’re currently working on constructing school facilities on our permanent site in Du. With this, we’ll also be allowed to officially register our secondary and vocational schools (you’re not allowed to register secondary schools over here with merely rented facilities as is currently the case). When these buildings are up and running, we’ll be able to offer education for all the kids and youth in our care, as well as those from the surrounding communities.