Skills Aquisition

Project details


Skills aquisition is vital for youth and school graduates in Nigeria. Over 60% of Nigeria's 200 million population are under the age of 25. Tertiary education institutions cannot keep up with the demand and many students wait years for their admission. Idle youth has become a major problem in the country. Many youth turn to drugs, alchahol. Here at CFM we offer an afforable alternative by teaching youth valuable skills so they can gain employment or even start their own business.

We offer training in shoe making, tailoring, dish installation, car/motorbike repair, plastering, bricklaying, computer repair and many more...


It is compulsory for all of our CFI theology students to learn a practical skill. This way when they go into ministry they can offer a tangible benefit to their community through teaching them a skill, starting a small business. This is vital for those graduates who work in impoverished areas, this way they are not dependant on their disicples, church members for finances.
Our vocational centre is open for youth in the surrounding communities to benefit from. Here they can develop skills and gain qualifications to find work or start their own business. In the future we will be looking towards providing small loans to get these youth started with their own ventures.
Youth from our crisis homes who show a gifting towards practical business skills are offered vocational training. We also have various agricultural projets on our site that these youth are responsible for leading and monitoring. These projects include fish farms, rabbit breeding and small scale farming. When these youth graduate from our Crisis Homes they will have the skills to start their own businesses.