Project details

  • Date

     May 20, 2015

  • Task

     To communicate the gospel and work of CFM to our community

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CFI regularly publishes books, the most recent being “Community, Reconciliation, Kingdom”, a book that was also translated into Hausa (one of the main languages in sub-Saharan Africa). We are distributing 25,000 (so far) through our friends and graduates to try to promote faith and reconciliation, accompanied by a Jesus-like life. Working with SIM, CFI is also working on a Hausa translation of David Shenk’s study series “People of God”, a presenting the gospel sensitively to Islamic people groups. The aim is to distribute these through Northern Nigeria, Southern Niger, Chad and Northern Cameroon. This series is enthusiastically received by those of our students who are believers from a Muslim background. They are keen to use it to introduce their Muslim friends to the true Allah, as seen in Jesus Christ. CFI also produces weekly TV broadcasts, shown all through Plateau State, with plans for other states. We formerly produced a weekly question–and-answer radio broadcast. That has, however, been put on hold since the death of Emmanuel Razack in May 2014.
“CFM prints thousands of books per year with the message of the gospel and teachings of Christ, to help build Christian and healing communities in our troubled world. These are distributed freely as a post-graduate encouragement to pastors now in ministry. The books also help raise awareness of the work of CFM, as well as showing a model for others to emulate. CFM is currently working on a 4-book series called People of God by David Shenk. These books have been written in consultation with many Christians and Muslims, as they seek to lead people through the Old and New Testament scriptures to a knowledge of Christ. They are an excellent series of studies. The publishers have very kindly given us the rights to translate the books into Hausa, the local language in our region, and to print thousands of copies for distribution to be used in study groups to spread the gospel. We are very excited about this project.” This is the link to the book cover of the first book in the series: ebook/dp/B00T9RVZVS/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1432175018&sr=1- 4&keywords=people+of+god+david+shenk