Kent’s Computer Centres

Project details

    Between the 2011 and 2014 Jos, Nigeria was the centre of huge ethnic/religious violence. At times there were daily clashes between culturally Islamic youth and culturally Christian youth as houses, schools, churches, mosques and sometimes whole suburbs were burnt to the ground.
  • TWO NEW CENTRES - 2014
    In the midst of the violence Kent Hodge, an Aussie missionary to Nigeria for the last 30 years, founded a computer training centre in a mosque working with local Christians and muslim elders in the neighbouring suburb. The centre was the first of it's kind: Muslims and Christians studying together under the same roof for the betterment of their communities.
    With the conclusion of the Jos Forum Inter-communal Dialogue and Boko Haram turning their attention further North the worst of the violence came to an end. Tension however continues as Muslims and Christians rarely venture into each other's communities for fear of death. Kent's computer centres continue to bring together people from both camps and show that it is possible to work together for a better future.