Resources: Hausa Books

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David Shenk has given CFI permission to translate his four book series The People of God, into Hausa. This is an excellent Four Book Series leading people to a knowledge of Jesus through the Taurat and Injil. Work is currently ongoing for the translation. After the translation is completed, the books will be printed in four book volumes and made available in the CFI office, Bukuru, Jos.

Author's notes about The People Of God Series: “I was surprised when one of my students, Muhammad, stepped into my office and requested, "Please give me a book that explains the Bible message in a simple way for me as a Muslim." I did not know what to give him. So I promised, "I will write that course". School was closing for vacation break, so I met daily with a couple of students as we wrote the first drafts of the course. The People of God. Our goal was to introduce chronologically key vignettes of the Biblical narrative. We selected 23 episodes each of which was a lesson in the study”

Read a book report written after CFI students completed a study series using The People of God.