CFM’s Missions Conference


Wurin Alheri is hosting her second Missions Conference the first week of December 2021. Our desire is to honour local and regional missionaries who do the hard frontline work of reaching out with the gospel. Over the years it has always been these missionaries who have broken new ground and established the gospel in new regions, aften with hostility and deprivation. It is because of the work that these people have done that many of us today may be more settled in our churches in areas that were once hard frontiers.

Missionaries are often among the most unnoticed and forgotten people. They suffer ill-health, lack of all medical services when they are birthing and raising children. They forgo many things for their children as they grow, that all of us take for granted. This kind of sacrifice is often shunned today, and held to be irresponsible, reckless, or those who take it up are considered irrelevant to our general society. But these are the ones who are at the front. They are the pioneers, who lay down their lives to make the way and future good for others. This principle is the bedrock of our societies. Unless people lived this way of sacrifice, none of us would have anything good that we enjoy today.

In 2016 Wurin Alheri held her first Missions Conference, with 2,000 missionaries attending for one week from all over Nigeria and from many surrounding nations. Now that our facilities are more suitable, we are expecting a mammoth crowd as missionaries flood in from so many regions this December. Wurin Alheri shall be stretched to capacity.

Missionaries go into hostile regions with the gospel, bringing personal and regional transformation. Without this, not only would so many miss the gospel, but these regions would also remain threats to us in our “safe cities.” There are so many reasons why missions must be placed at the forefront by our churches.

CFM will help transport these missionaries from the centres to Wurin Alheri. They live in their centres without cash, just subsisting like all those in their regions they are reaching. CFM will cover all costs for the five days of the conference, for boarding and feeding at Wurin Alheri. This is a gift to the people we are honouring, to help the gospel spread far, wide and deep in the hostile and terrorist infested African Sahel, a terrorism that has been nurtured largely by Western corruption. For us to gather these missionaries and join with them to encourage and build them up for their work, we must join with them financially and cover the costs. “Give honour to whom honour is due.” “Many who are first now shall be last, and many who are last now shall be first.”

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