CFM runs a hospital and is building a larger facility to serve the population around us that has no access to medical care. At the same time, CFM has just a toe in the water learning about local plant treatments that have served Africa for centuries. We have trees planted throughout our site, and a herbery. We consult with leading pharmacologists and botanists in Jos, who are experts in plant life. Most of us know nothing about the richest source of health on our planet: our real, natural (untampered with by modern technology) food. When your cook is your doctor (who knows what healing nutrients are available in every natural resource), you know the kingdom of God has come.

The World Economic Forum moves constantly to destroy the viability of local industry and community, in favour of the few global oligarchies that steal the wealth. In agriculture, giant corporations speak of climate change, viruses, and food emergencies, when their real aim is to control all local produce. They use bribes at government levels and subsidies to addict farmers to artificial chemicals that kill the ecosystem. They promote disingenuous research to falsely claims their products are beneficial. They take control of farmers’ seed and animal stocks by introducing new “better” breeds. Once they develop their fake foods industry, they can kill off any local agriculture they want with laws that promote “health and safety.” The result is completely disenfranchised local communities that kill off the livelihoods of billions of people worldwide.

The same happens in the pharmaceutical industry. Local plant knowledge, that has served people for many generations, is side-lined as “quackery.” Research into medicines only favours the expensive products the oligarchies want to bring to market. Other treatments are outlawed within the industry, or by bribes to government, and debunked by expensive propaganda campaigns. Millions upon millions of people end up at the mercy of treatments they can’t afford and die.

When these things come together, we have a depopulation issue on our hands. The synthetic agriculture and false foods being promoted diminish the nutrition of foods. The result in the last generation is a massive rise in diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancers, allergies, ADD, autism, and the list goes on. These were far less known in our region of Africa is the recent past. When you couple this with the loss of knowledge of valid and effective plant treatments, the scourge of death being produced and the suffering to wider families in the wake, is far greater than that produced by other forms of terrorism. Yes, these oligarchs are in effect terrorist organisations: taking over markets by using terror of viruses, climate fear, population fears and food shortage fears.

Our knowledge of God’s ecological creation (which is free) has been stolen, to make us dependent upon synthetic and digital measures in agriculture, health, and communication, which are all patented to move wealth and control into the hands of a few. It makes men slaves, but God made us free to serve in his image. God said, “The leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.” (Rev 20:2) This wasn’t just a religious benediction. It means what it says. In Genesis 1-2, the herbs were our food and our chemist. Restoring this nutrition and gaining back our knowledge of plants, tree leaves and bark, would greatly benefit our local communities and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide, enabling local communities to profit from their products, instead of having them banned by Davos.

An essential aspect to ecology is the integration of animal and plant life, to repair our soils. Modern technology has turned agriculture into an extraction industry, extracting life from our soils and leaving them barren and dead. Farming should be the process of enriching soils as they produce freely for us. Unless we turn this around, we will become slaves, which is what Davos wants. Davos wants to take our animals away, to promote their fake meats, while killing off local farming community. Suppressed real science shows that animal life restores the soils that sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, producing luxuriant plant life that absorbs and utilises more carbon dioxide. If its carbon dioxide we are talking about, then restorative animal/ plant farming is the key. But for Davos, it’s not just about controlling our food and increasing their riches, it’s also about building a digital industry that will control all aspects of our lives in a dictatorship. Davos has overstretched itself in its corruption. It will fall.

Justice to local communities, not global oligarchs, is essential for life and flourishing, local employment, ecological agriculture, and health. Our media must promote true local justice and get themselves off the breasts of these criminal, mafia global corporations. Davos has presented itself as the left-wing source of climate justice, but it’s a capitalist enterprise on steroids, that has removed every protection of the people. It is anti-life. It is a right-wing extremist, fascist organisation. The left/ right debates are a scam to divide us. It’s the gift of creation we need to focus on, to restore the environment, the poor and the local community, everywhere.

God made our stewardship over the ground an act of worship of God. If we have this taken away from the local community, we lose the way in which life works, with heaven and earth flowing together in wholeness and abundant yield. This is what Davos is endangering.

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