Wurin Alheri has a record number of 72 women in our adult hostel who are here for bible college, or as disciples in our safe house, or as other victims of violence and needing refuge and restoration. When you look at all the 600 people living on the CFM Jos site, most of them come directly from incidents of violence, or from regions where violence is rife and frequent. When we look at their home states we see banditry, lawlessness, terrorism and often these issues are supported and sponsored by global authorities that purport to be on the side of order.

So the answer isn’t just to help those impacted by the violence, but also to ask questions about why these conditions exist in the first place, and what can be done about it. CFM believes in the community teachings of Jesus, whereby we reach out to heal and restore each other, regardless of our background, building a culture of light and care to overthrow the darkness. This is highly effective. However, like the prophets of the Old Testament, and like Jesus before he went to the cross, we are also called to point to the darkness in our society and call for justice.

The basic cause of disorder in our nation is its economic deprivation, not being able to afford the infrastructure for law and order, or the infrastructure to build a climate for industry and employment. So, what are the main reasons for the economic deprivation?

  • During these global covid lockdowns, the reason for the severe fall in the Nigerian currency was at first the fall in the oil price, then the restriction of supply, and then the “printing” of fake fiat money by the rich nations. Further restrictions that Davos seeks due to “climate change” will devastate the Nigerian currency even more.
  • Since the 1980’s, loans given by the IMF and World Bank and the interest payments demanded, have devastated the Nigerian currency. This has been the deliberate policy of global centralised banking, to gain control of the assets within countries like Nigeria. Many assets are then sold off and the money taken out of the nation.
  • The legalisation of offshore private banking means that billions of dollars can be hidden tax-free offshore, and the money can be circulated around the world anonymously, for nefarious purposes, often to do with regime change, but hidden as “philanthropy.”
  • Corrupt deals made between foreign corporations and corrupt lower officials within resource-rich nations, mean that billions of dollars are taken out of the nation illegally, and are laundered through offshore accounts. In just one deal, enough money was stolen by a foreign corporation that could have met the healthcare needs of the whole Nigerian population annually.
  • Loaning money to nations and allowing leaders of those nations to return that same money back to foreign banks as fraudulent deposits, while closing the accounts of genuine charities striving to alleviate suffering in those nations, to make the same foreign banks look clean: they must have learned this from the Pharisees. It’s also exceptionally difficult for genuine charities to move money into nations to help the poor, while bigger players and corrupt money move freely. It’s the stated aim of the WEF to tighten money flows for the non-elite. The borrower nation meanwhile has its currency devastated by the ongoing interest payments. This wipes out the savings and pensions of the entire populous.

The above few examples alone account for the impoverishment of over 200 million people in just one nation.

So, what does the WEF do? The World Economic Forum has the power to address each of these factors, but they do nothing about it. They may make noises at times, to make themselves look like they care, but the situation only gets worse. They never forgive debt, they don’t close offshore accounts, they don’t prosecute the main immoral business dealers, they don’t return most of the stolen funds to their nations, they don’t stem the power of monopolies in order to protect the interests of local community and humanity, nor do they seek to stop illegal trading on stock markets, nor to stop the “printing” of trillions in fake money to support their private investments and impoverish normal people with housing inflation. It’s clear that one purpose of their fabricated crises (be they economic collapses, terrorism, viruses, or wars) is the “printing” of false money, to shift trillions and market power in their favour. In all, hundreds of trillions of dollars are stolen from local communities by the above means. Instead of seeking justice, WEF members lobby and bribe governments to support their private portfolios, painting themselves as the saviours. Western economies basically exist on the exploitation of these other nations. Because our hearts have hardened to this and we haven’t protected the abused, we have given too much power to these monopolies and now the WEF has turned to steal from Western populations as well. They don’t care about any nation.

Instead of bringing justice to these nations, the WEF exacerbates other crises to pretend they care. This includes their responses to virus outbreaks, climate change, overpopulation fears, and global economic and food crises fears, that are not the real problems we are facing. Their solutions include abortion, enforced human sterilisation, more lockdowns to change market structures, surveillance and a social credit system (redefining what terrorism means) to enforce compliance, and making Nigeria borrow billions to buy covid vaccines, which are not needed. However, every one of these crises is purposed to rebuild markets in favour of monopolies, and further destroy local justice. This is what “Build back better” means. None of this is about restoring justice to the local community and to hundreds of millions of people whose lives are being systematically destroyed. We speak about this because we want healing for local communities and the massive suffering that we see every day.

So, what can we do? We can stop being fooled by Davos and the WEF and by the fears they peddle, and by the media that receives money from the WEF and their associates to peddle these fears. We can call this body to account instead, and call for these basic issues in global corruption to be put right. It isn’t difficult. It can be done, just as Jon Newton and William Wilberforce overcame British slavery in their day. All said then it couldn’t be done, that the financial interests of the monopolies were too powerful. But they did it. It must be done again today.