Before the World Economic Forum destroyed Nigeria’s economy, the African Sahel was making progress in tree planting and pushing back the Sahara Desert. Before NATO destroyed Libya, the nation was making progress transforming their agriculture. The economic cabal want the world dependent upon them, and yet still preach “environmentalism.” But when the price of energy doubles every few months, people have no choice but to burn trees. The answer to the environment is not corrupt lockdowns and economic deprivation designed to prosper the rich, but uncensored education, local economic development, shared industry, restorative agriculture (without GMO’s and synthetic chemicals) and prosperity. But now the WEF are preaching that the problem is the population, so culling humans is their publicly stated remedy. It’s evil.

The City of London holds “Green Horizon Summit—The Priority Role of Finance.” Nov 9-11, 2020.

Financial markets have been deflated over recent decades by immense corruption: theft, taking money out of these markets to inflate private investment funds. This has decimated other funds, like pension funds, around the world. The financial markets need a “crisis-economy” for the “printing” of more trillions of dollars to flow into financial markets to keep them buoyant. There has been a series of crises since the 9/ 11 crisis and the latest and largest “crisis” of all entails shifting to a zero carbon economy. Some interim crises included the bank crash of 2008, the never ending war on terror, and Covid. The “climate crisis” will entail governments and banks “printing money” to finance huge carbon free markets, and forcing capital from other markets into the new sector, as a takeover of capital. Meanwhile, consumers (the public) will be taxed for all carbon, and this will shift their wealth to the central bank.

With this steady increase in crisis-financing (governments filling the coffers of the bank with new fake money) the ability of the central bank to dominate finance has steadily increased over recent decades and with this the bank’s ability to dominate governments. The more that crises shift financial power to the central bank and its associated investments, the less power governments have. This leads to a global government led by the bank and its corporations, which is fascism.

The end game is not profits but ownership and control over all resources. It is known that the current financial system can’t last forever. The constant “printing” of new fake money has to in the end take its toll on currency and the currency must crash. So the bank must in the interim use its crises-capital flows in its favour to buy and control all real assets, like precious metals and natural resources. When one owns and controls all assets, then profits don’t matter anymore, and large markets of consumers don’t matter. What are profits for, it not to increase capital and share of resources? When one owns all resources, profits don’t matter anymore. This is an entirely different kind of economy we are moving to, which is unimaginable in most people’s mind, having never lived in such an economy.

This is why we are easily fooled and believe this is all about saving the planet. Klaus Schwab calls this the “post-capitalism economy,” where, in his own words, “Nobody owns anything, and we are all happy.” I don’t think so. Once they don’t need us for profit, we are all dead. This is the way they have always played the capitalism game. You see it throughout the “developing world” and in the austerity and real decline of living standards forced on the West. Expect further decimation of real infrastructure (no longer required to shift capital to the centre), except that which helps control populations. In this new economy, population depletion is the obvious self-interest course of action for the powers to take, to also protect their wealth from large hoards and to make their dominion more manageable.

If this reality about crises being for the purpose of shifting all wealth to the centre is exposed, these powerful players stand to lose everything before they can achieve the final coup.

So who is behind this? Mainly, the City of London, and its neo-colonialism, which is the dominant player in the global central banking. This all makes sense from their perspective and the documents over recent decades show this is the case. We might not understand this, but those putting together this program since the Rio climate summit in 1992 know exactly what they are doing.

This doesn’t mean the environment and social justice aren’t very important. They are very important. It just means it is absolute madness to put these in the hands of the City of London and the WEF. It’s the ultimate cult of brainwashing. To follow them is the end. They only work for themselves.

Their plans won’t stand. Like Pharaoh of old God shall consume them with their own greed. He shall free Africa and the nations of the world to be people and community in his image.

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