Photo above: CFM’s sewing school for widows, victims from violence in the Miango region. Part of CFM’s peace effort in Miango, after violence killed many and destroyed many homes and livelihoods. CFM’s peace response in Miango included feeding the homeless, bringing medical care to the wounded, restoring burnt out homes (especially for widows), creating a tailoring workshop for widows of violence and holding a peace seminar and meal with people from all backgrounds in the community: including CFM’s students as part of their training.

We often think of the blessings that have come to us through the industrial revolution. Mass production, the increase in goods, services, health products and wealth. Downsides would include the built-in obsolescence in the products and the waste of resources. In Britain there was a mass migration from rural to industrial areas, with large regions of rural land being confiscated by parliament, resulting in poverty, low wages and disparity we have never recovered from. The major consequence of the industrial revolution was the shifting of capital to fewer hands, which today has reached its zenith, with most of the world’s wealth owned or controlled by only 0.1% of the population. With this concentration of wealth comes a concentration of political power and a fascist dictatorship, as we are seeing emerge in 2020-21.

We see this so acutely in Nigeria, especially with our proximity to rural areas. Wealth rushed out of these regions into areas of capital concentration, which are ultimately outside the nation, especially to where capital resources are stored, like offshore accounts, speculation in property, or in emerging markets forced on the public through scams like “climate change.” In Nigeria, there has been an emphasis on privatisation, imposed by the World Bank, so assets may be sold, and the capital removed, with a constant depletion of infrastructure for the people. This is occurring globally. In Nigeria, the outflow of capital is at an advanced stage, and this is the primary reason for the destruction of all individual/ family wealth and opportunity, the breakdown of order, the rampant banditry, kidnaping and rise of terrorism and ethnic conflict. The same has accured in agriculture, with flows of capital going outside the nation, products dumped on Nigeria, GMO’s and fertilizers that deplete local ecosystem, environment and relationships. The result is competition for resources and violence.

There needs to be a turnaround. Capital must flow back into rural and local regions. Capital needs to be developed in local regions instead of taken out of those regions. Take clothing, just as one example. Instead of mass production offshore, local tailoring and local cloth manufacturing markets need to provide for local regions. This should be the same in most industries. It’s the only way to develop a stable economy, without the boom-and-bust resulting from speculative capital being free to move around and disrupt markets. This stability is required to nourish families and restore the environment. It’s a jubilee economy, which repairs local industry and family interests, instead of bankrupting them with debt and usury.

How can we get this change to happen? Often there needs to be some kind of crisis to bring it about, like a war to overthrow the oppressor. In the scriptures, the monopolist was drowned in the Red Sea, while the people were taught about a new kind of community-economy that put the people and environment first. It takes trusting in God to take us out of the old system in a kind of Exodus. On the journey, there is often much complaining when faced with the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army, or faced with the daunting lessons about new life and relationships in the Wilderness. Change is a confusing and disruptive affair. But we need a dissatisfaction with what is, to determine that we want a different future for our children’s children. It takes trusting in the true God of liberty and not in the false gods we have become secure with.

The industrial revolution saw the rule of the patent, which meant resources flow to those people who become the owners of the world. Wealth and ideas need to be “democratised,” meaning be put back into the hands of the people. Humanity was made in God’s image and God said he would pour out his Spirit on all flesh, not just on the priestly, “expert class” or elite. The creation is for all his people and for all who inhabit God’s world. The first thing we need to bring change is to get our thinking right about what the will of God is, and not take our lead from the kind of economics the world and Pharaoh teach.

The World Economic Forum and its Agenda 21/ 30 want to further decimate local community and move people to urban squalor, where ill-health and poor conditions will reign. We will be taxed for the poor environment and made to take vaccines every month to replace our immune system. They call it environmentalism. God calls environmentalism having Adam and Eve tend the garden without the greed of exploiting it through patents. He calls it sabbath. Mankind, not separated from the environment, but one with his environment, one with God and one in neighbourly care: holism.

We need to cease being driven by centralised agendas and plans that are enforced upon local regions, like digitalisation of our identification, with propaganda disseminated through centralized entertainment “programs” and “news” networks. Local rule and government by the people are being overthrown by illegitimate unconstitutional rules from non-elected centralised bodies in the UN and other agencies, through intimidation and bribery. These things are clearly designed to take all people captive and controlled in one system, for the purposes of the elite. We read today of the “mother” being banned and replaced by “child bearer” and “woman” with “person with a vagina.” Once they call us what they want, they own us (like man named the animals). This is like the Island movie, where babies belonged to the corporation and are subject to whatever “health,” lockdown, commercial or other regulations they make. All things are owned by the corporation. Those who sell the product make the rules. This is serious. The good news is Psalm 2 and Psalm 18 and Psalm 24, in fact, all the Psalms. “The earth is the Lord’s” and he comes riding on the clouds to scatter the proud. He will utterly defeat this extensive/ exploitive criminal cabal.

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