We have seen children die of preventable diseases: viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, tetanus, meningitis, and even measles, followed by malaria and deadly pneumonia. Over the last 35 years we have helped their mothers nurse them through these illnesses, and some we lost.

All are preventable by simple vaccination. Immunising new babies saves lives. The six bundles pictured above all contain a baby born at CF Hospital in the last week, with mothers, aunties or grandmother, and medical staff standing behind. Yesterday the babies were vaccinated for these killer diseases. Yesterday was the first day of immunising babies at our hospital, after more than a year of staff training, cold-chain inspections, and preparation. We are very happy to be able to help our neighbours care for their precious new-born children.

All these vaccines were tested extensively for years before approval. They work. They help save precious lives. If there are problems with the vaccines, if injuries result or deaths occur, they are withdrawn. Proper protocol is in place. We do not support using susceptible African populations to test vaccines, such as has been done with lethal effect with malaria vaccines for children by GAVI. We cannot support vaccines used for COVID, with no long-term safety data, when hundreds of studies prove the effectiveness of early outpatient treatment, with cheap, repurposed drugs, (ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, using appropriate dosages), vitamin supplements & zinc, with safe antibiotics, asthma-style inhalers, and anticoagulants such as aspirin as required. Covid vaccines are not adequately proven to be safe and ARE proved to have very limited effectiveness.

Let’s vaccinate the vulnerable with appropriate, tested vaccines (with long term data), to protect them, not put other lives at risk to enrich those already rich beyond imagination. But above all, let’s rebuild communities that have been devastated by global elitist corruption, to return prosperity, development, hygiene, good agriculture with healthy diets, wholesome health infrastructure. Statistics over the last century prove hygiene and diet are the number one reason for growing health in communities. And let’s have open, uncensored discussion about vaccines and all health procedures, so patients and doctors can choose, and can choose according to ethics and faith, so we have genuine “informed consent.”

In CFM’s health delivery in Nigeria, we aim for an holistic approach, meaning economic and environmental justice, with collaboration from local scientists and local scientific infrastructure, working with local knowledge of natural treatments. The aim is to eradicate the deadly consequences of monopolies in all sectors, to rather develop local products for the wider global market, to enhance local economies and agriculture within Nigeria. A win-win situation, rather than winner take all.

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