Strategic Gathering of 3,000 Missionaries

Please see our missions conference budget further below.

We sat down with one of our missionary associates (a graduate from years back who heads up a team of missionaries in Nigeria) yesterday who told of us of a missionary working in Niger State of Nigeria. He was outreaching to Fulani and has a school. People warned him to leave the area, but he said he can’t leave his converts, and “What kind of testimony would that be to others about his faith?” He was killed, along with his little son. Today, his wife is doing some training before she goes to the same place with their daughter, to continue the work of evangelism and education. A similar thing happened to a missionary team in Ecuador many years ago, when several were killed. Their families returned to the region and forgave and loved the murderers, and today the murderers are loved believers and the fruit of that mission is known around the world. See the book Through Gates of Splendor. One of the descendants of those murdered people will be with us at Wurin Alheri for our conference this December.

CFM’s Missions Conference Dec 9th – 12th 2021

Our massive missions conference is coming up soon, this December, a big step of faith, to serve those who love Jesus in very difficult regions. Our heart is to promote this most wonderful gospel work of missionaries through the nations around us. We are gathering together at Wurin Alheri. Please see the budget and vision details below.

• Meals cost for 4,000 people is AU$18,000 (5 days) ($0.35 per meal, per person)
• Overflow canopies for 3,000 people for outside our chapel hall $3,750
• Mattress hire for 3,000 people $3,700
• Chair hire for 3,000 people $1,900
• Transport of 3,000 African missionaries from centres all over central and northern Nigeria and some from neighbouring nations $70,000. They serve the Lord in cashless economies and don’t have the funds to attend a conference or travel with their families from their stations. They simply couldn’t come if we didn’t help their transport costs.
• Cleaning materials for the toilets, etc, and medical materials: our hospital will serve the missionaries during the conference, giving them check-ups and treatment.

This budget is based on 3,000 missionaries coming to the conference, plus 1,000 from those currently on site with CFM. From our response so far it looks like this number of missionaries is likely, but we won’t know exact numbers until the conference holds and everyone arrives. We are also holding three graduations during the conference: for our bible college, vocational college and computer centres. It’s the biggest single event in CFM’s history.

Five Years of Missions Expansion

We know that as we reach out to honour and encourage 3,000 missionaries in northern Nigeria and neighbouring nations it will be a huge impetus for the gospel in this part of the world. Many of these missionaries never get this kind of missions conference input into their lives and families. Because they love Jesus, they suffer on the frontlines of violence, persecution, deprivation and death, as they faithfully serve isolated communities with the gospel.

Our big desire is to help those independent missionaries who have no support. We want to partner with then in 2022 and beyond, supporting them monthly, and when they have health needs for their families. We will interview 85 of these missionaries and CFM will extend our missions work into their regions. This will afford a huge training area for our CFI bible college students, where they will join to help and serve, suffer and grow strong in their faith, as they see God work powerfully through them as a team.

These regions will also feed new students into our bible college in 2022 and beyond, with our expanded facilities at Wurin Alheri. supporting an ongoing circular effect, training more missionaries for more fields. We believe the timing of this is perfect, that after all these years of preparation, we are situated now for a wonderful missions expansion into Africa. The scriptures tell us to “redeem the time” so we believe now is the perfect time to act. “The harvest is much. Pray that the Lord of the harvest shall send out more labourers into the field.” (Matthew 9:37-38)

Our students are on fire with gospel expectation. They worked until 10 PM last Saturday night, completing the children’s schoolroom decking we showed you in last week’s email. They refused to stop until it was completed, singing and shouting with joy.

We are trusting the Lord for this conference and for 2022, which we are calling the Year of Missions. We don’t have the means, but God does. We do have the personnel and the infrastructure needed and are ready for this expansion. We need God to touch hearts to send the funds to kick this missions expansion off. It’s really a five year missions and bible college plan, to coordinate the work between these two departments of CFM to reach a much wider region with the gospel. We ask you to please pray for the missions conference coming up at Wurin Alheri this December 9th – 12th 2021. We are also asking for your financial support towards this strategic conference, coming just at the right time in CFM’s history, and Nigeria’s history of gospel expansion, overcoming insurgency and the threat of persecution.

Positioned For Renewal & Revival

We are like the people in Revelation six, depicted under the altar, asking, “How long Lord until things are put right?” They are told to wait a little while, for people to be given a chance for repentance. This is the “millennium” period of the first century, which depicts God’s patience, which seems like a very long wait to us. It’s the time in which Christ’s rule in being established over the evil in the world. Then the stars fall from heaven, which means the ruling powers of Jerusalem in that generation. The lesson of Revelation is so pertinent for us today. Oppression shall fall, and when it does, the church that God protected and revived is positioned to renew the nations. Then, the ruling powers were the elite of Jerusalem, the princes, the generals, the economic exploiters. Today, they are the oligarchs, the World Economic Forum, the global banks. By God’s grace, we are positioning for 2022: the Year of Missions, and are expecting great blessing in the gospel in the years ahead.

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