Tiling the new hospital at Wurin Alheri. CFM’s Vocational Department teaches skills while providing infrastructure for health for the poor and displaced. 

Our local regions and the world need to become communities where we care for each other. Below, we look at what our economic and political theories have given us, verses God’s gift of the church. From enforced and too often deadly injections, to an emerging death cult, environment fraud and global theft. Push the fraud out and bring conservative humanitarianism in.

Hydroxychloroquine works by inhibiting viral replication within cells. When used with a protocol of treatments it is proven to be highly effective against covid-19. Dr Harvey Risch (Professor of Epidemiology, Yale School of Medicine) is just one of many leading global experts who claims the science is indisputable. The same applies to Ivermectin, which also inhibits viral replication. Ivermectin has also saved many lives and stopped covid-19 in many nations. Yet these two drugs have been criminally withheld from patients, who have been left to die in hospitals on the expensive patented Remdesivir and ventilators, so an experimental vaccine (unproven and with falsified test data: see BMJ investigation into Pfizer) can be forced into billions of people, including children (who are not in danger from covid-19), with an unknown risk of death or life long debilitation, as emerging evidence indicates. You will have to research these facts for yourself, as “factcheckers” are sponsored by the industry and the bulk of evidence is unreported or deliberately obscured.

The whole system is sick to the core. The bribery and blackmail that take place within research, drug approval, political, judicial and media establishments, make the whole body sick.  (See Sidney Powell, Licenced to Lie and John Durham’s investigation.) Some leading media organisations receive up to 70% of their advertising revenue from pharmaceutical companies, as well as large grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with heavy investments in the pharmaceutical industry. When I was a child, this was illegal, but “economic liberalisation” has given us fascism. Many have the blood of many others on their hands. We haven’t seen such a wholesale infringement of human rights since Hitler’s regime. Those who invest in the shares of companies like Pfizer also have blood on their hands. These establishments must be held to account, or the killing of humans will only escalate.

Now Pfizer has come out with an oral drug they claim is effective against covid-19, which they claim works by inhibiting viral replication in cells. They want to take the technology of the known cheaper drugs, which others have invented, tweak it a little, obtain a patent, continue to demonise the cheaper effective drugs and sell their own product through ensuring only they have approval from the health authorities. It’s more money in the pockets of the relevant authorities. But we don’t yet know if this pill will work: it could be more false advertising. It was rushed through the trials and again this Pfizer product may be ineffective or unsafe. In nations that use hydroxychloroquine (like Nigeria, where we have freedom) there is no covid-19 (or variant) problem. Hydroxychloroquine is safe when used correctly, a WHO “essential drug.”

We have seen drug companies doing the same with malaria treatments, blocking Artemesia annua, a cheap plant with very strong anti-malarial properties, that people can grow for free in their own home and brew tea from, without danger. Companies ensure that only their own patented drugs may be obtained. Yet malaria continues as the main killer in Africa. (See France 24 News for a documentary on this.) Other experts acquainted with Dr Anthony Fauci in the early days of the HIV epidemic, claim that profits were the main consideration in the development and promotion of AIDS treatments. (See Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test and Nobel winner. See Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, who said the same about the covid-19 vaccines.) What about Hepatitis B and C, which are major killers in Nigeria? We have a constant flow of patients in our hospital with these conditions. Yet the costs of the drugs for Hepatitis B and C are far out of reach to almost the whole population. No doctor is allowed to consider cheaper treatments. The patients simply die, by the millions.

Recently we have considered Ivermectin. Can it treat Hepatitis B and C? We don’t know. “Conspiracy theorists,” people respond. Come and live here and see people die every day and then say that! Hepatitis B and C don’t matter as much in developed nations. Drug companies aren’t going to invest funds into proving that cheap drugs will work. Legally, the CEO’s duty is to the share value of the company, not the wellbeing of humanity.  (See, “The Future of Shareholder Wealth Maximization.”) They rather run false tests, manipulating dosages and treatment regimens and other factors to make sure cheap repurposed drugs won’t work (which they did with Hydroxychloroquine, with fraudulent tests, published in Lancet.) They don’t care how many millions of people they kill for their money. Recently it has been shown that Ivermectin works, not only against covid-19 (see evidence in Uttar Pradesh India, Japan, Eastern Europe, hundreds of studies, and hundreds of thousands of cases in the US, including 200 congressmen, while it is banned for others) but is also effective against Hepatitis E, invitro. Studies have also shown “Ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importin α/β-mediated nuclear import able to inhibit replication of HIV-1 and dengue virus.”

Collaboration to find answers that serve, not profits, saves lives. But something more insidious is at work: these corporations don’t want to save lives. This has been proven in court many times, against drug companies (convicted felons), agricultural chemical and GMO monopolists, tobacco companies, oil companies, margarine makers (laboratory/ fake food propagandists: doctors told us for decades that real butter was bad for us, now we know the opposite is true), munitions companies, and many more. How can we trust these same people with a “great reset,” with something like the environment, handing over the future of our children to them? It’s a complete delusion. We need to wake up. We need to care beyond our own jobs, beyond how it affects us. We need to care about the millions who are dying from this. Bill Gates and the climate jet-setting hypocrites are fear terrorists, and it’s a studied science how this gives them control, as Joseph Goebbels said.

Jesus spoke of a community in which we share our skills, not for our profits but to make each other well. No economic-ism will do this, no political-ism, but only a new family, a church, in which we are one. Many have put hope in the left or right wings. The far-left is corrupt. It has turned to political crimes, war, racism and social divisions, colour revolutions and election fraud, false-flag events, backed by many groups like MI6 (Christopher Steele) and the Open Society. It has stripped the developing world of resources, stolen trillions from the poor through Wall Street, corporate raiding, naked short shelling, the banks, money laundering and “trickledown economics.” (Search Helen Chaitman.) It has given global control to BlackRock and Vanguard, whose owners are hidden. It has lied to promote depopulation, forced sterilization, abortion, infanticide and trade in human body parts. (Search, “Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts” and “U.N. Complicit in Forced Sterilizations.”) It has fostered trafficking in paedophilia, munitions and drugs, supporting terrorism, killing or displacing millions of people. (Linked In, “The Funding of Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Libya and Syria” and child trafficking at the Mexican border.) It has destroyed our environment and relationships, through petrochemicals and industrial farming. It has made a business of inhumane prisons and destroyed families with “social services.” It has destroyed liberty and democracy. It has become the most inhumane “ism” on the planet.

The fear is that the far-right will arise as a reaction. I think a likely outcome will be a conservative, humanitarian movement. The far-left is now right wing fascism in disguise, pretending to be philanthropic, ensuring a corporate takeover. The latest move in the name of “climate emergency” was to monetarize nature, a Ponzi scheme worth $4,000 trillion to the thieves. Search, “Wall Street’s New Asset Class Will Put Natural World ‘Up for Sale.’” This shows what the landgrab of Agenda 2030 of the World Economic Forum is really for. Their aim isn’t to save the environment, but to tax the “commons.” Search, “WEF’s “Invest in Forests” Exposed: Global Surveillance Grid.” They will own everything while we “will own nothing and be happy,” which means they give us a basic digital wage and take it away anytime we reject their latest transhuman infusion (which DARPA and the pharmaceutical industry are relentlessly pursuing, also developing human and animal hybrids), reject their 5-6G “smart city” surveillance, or reject their political ideology. What it means to be “human” now depends on the engineers. Jeff Bezos is a modern day Pharaoh, whose Amazon slave workers build his fortune, for his eternal home in the “pyramid”: his hope to overturn physical aging and achieve eternal life. Modern day paganism. You always get child sacrifice with this. Eternal life only comes through Jesus Christ, who conquered death.

All parties in politics have been bought out. The only hope is the creational values of the church in which conservatism isn’t left or right, but care for local community, for neighbour (near and far), care for our environment, for regenerative agriculture and local markets, for small business interests, for life and for family.  For this we must be involved. We can’t just vote for someone to do this. Someone else will buy them. There is a serpent in the garden and his goal is to build a cult of death. That’s the way things are, whether or not we like it. To deny this and try to live in a benign secular world is contrary to the facts. The church must change the world, according to our call, to be educated about and refuse evil, and to love one other.

Politicians in a democracy are supposed to be servants, accountable to the people, not ruling over them. (Matthew 20:24-28) This is the difference between people as citizens and as subjects. Politicians must be held to account, peacefully. Passing through violence and terrorism over the years, you see some people respond violently. Sometimes we understand why they respond this way (we understand all they have suffered), though we never condone violence as a response. It is the same when the elite subjugate and rob the people constantly: you understand their agony, which may become an angry response. We have to find a way to transfer this pain into forgiving service, they way Jesus did. The hope God gives us enables us to do this. The church’s task is to build a proactive life of mercy, overcoming selfishness,  corruption and injustice: sharing life with all.

We also understand why some people believe wacky ideas. When so much truth has been hidden from them, people don’t know what to believe. This is why we need to take the search for truth seriously and not outsource “truth” to vested interests who tell us what to believe: like the prime minister of New Zealand threatened, “We are your only source of truth,” as she enforces corrupt totalitarianism upon the nation. God’s word is still the truth.


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