Pictured: CFI’s Full-time student chapel meeting.

Missionaries are calling from all over Nigeria. A graduate of our bible college called yesterday, who works with 18 missionaries in his region. We receive over 40 contacts per day, as we plan logistics for bussing 3,000 missionaries to Jos for our missions conference 9th – 12th Dec 2021, returning them after the conference. Our big excitement is for 2022, when we integrate our bible college with mission centres all over the nation, training our students on their fields, receiving new students from their fields to Wurin Alheri, expanding missions with thousands more labourers in the years ahead. Preparing for this now is the big task, providing class and hostel facilities needed. Our current students are helping. They worked through Saturday, until midnight, singing loudly, until the floor of a new hostel/ class block was laid. Now the brick walls are going up. Ruth and I paid for this bible college hall with our own money, from a $100,000 personal gift. The bible college facility must be ready by January/ February when new students flood in. The iron/ concrete decking for the second story must be laid by the students before the missions conference, before they go for Christmas break, so it is ready by January/ February. Watch this missions conference video shared on NTA, the Nigerian government television.

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