We received a grant of £3,000 from the Didymus charity to open a new computer centre. It will help get the centre launched with some of the initial equipment. Our computer centre leader, Zaharaddeen Muhammad (who oversees our nine centres, which now include seven for “Christian and Muslim youth” and two for CFM’s own bible college and children’s schools), met with traditional and religious leaders in Jos North, which we consider to be the main remaining potential conflict zone in Jos. The leaders were very happy with the development and another meeting was set up for this week by the zonal elders to find the appropriate site. They said they had heard us announce this new computer centre in Jos North on the radio yesterday. We have desired a computer centre in Jos North for a while, and are very happy with this addition. We plan for the centre to open this January 2022. It’s a brilliant opportunity to train youth and to bring everyone together in a common blessing to all, for which we are very thankful.

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