We have worked with Pastor Henry for 20 years. For many years he has been overseeing CFM’s work in Egypt, along with Pastor Mariane and other CFM pastors in the nation. They oversee house churches and outreaches in different parts of the nation. During last week they visited Asyuit, and held meetings in what were two almost empty church buildings. There were many healings, and 20 demoniacs were set free. Policemen and others brought their family members for prayer. Every night people came to their house with sick people. The buildings filled every day with people to hear the gospel. The Egyptians are beautiful people with a beautiful culture and are very responsive to the gospel. At the end of the week the police escorted our team to the train station and booked them into first class for their journey back to Alexandria. They called the police at the other end to make sure they arrived safely. Below: Henry and Marianne at the train station.

Above: Pastors Henry and Mariane

Below: training pastors in a building the Coptic allow us to use.

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