We could call it holism. Sometimes our cultures see things in parts. Left or right politics is a good example of this. Such divisions allow us to build our own group of supporters. But the creation narrative in Genesis speaks of the whole. Every part is known in its relationship with the other. It starts with, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”: a pairing. Following, was a pairing of night and day, land and sea, plant and animal, male and female, all complementing each other. The bookends (opening and closing: another pairing) of this poetic narrative in Genesis 1-2, show the word moving creation from chaos to order. Marriage is not a cultural convention, but part of the creation “seven” sustaining sabbath wholeness, holding back the dark abyss. The creation was a temple of relationships: heaven infused into the natural world, giving life, perpetuity, purpose and fulness, harmonising and nourishing each part. The evolutionary worldview is opposite, focusing on the individual, the strong, the survival of the fittest, which today is the corporate monopoly, the grab for totalitarian power: a pagan narrative, which destroys local economy, nature and humanity. It’s the pagan creation stories of ancient times, where the elite gods enslaved humanity.

Above: a little corn farming on the Wurin Alheri site: no chemical fertilizer or pesticide. Money kept in our soil, local community and local relationships, not sent to Bill Gates. Violence down. Two people in Australia confronted Ruth and I about industrial farming and how it destroys environment and local community. It didn’t mean anything to us then. You don’t wake up until you wake up. The industrial “health” sector is the same, relying on the same patented techniques in chemical poisons and GMO’s, while outlawing local knowledge. Together, these sectors are enacting a global takeover which will destroy humanity. We need integration, sharing, not compulsion, not monopoly, not theft. Giving to the widow, orphan, the weak. It’s all about sabbath, restoring one another.

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