Calls ahead of the mission conference at Wurin Alheri 9th – 12th December are increasing. They are coming from the remotest parts, from arid sub-Saharan regions, still going through terrorism, other regions where banditry and conflict are rife, to remote riverine jungle regions, places cut off from normal civilization. We are preparing our site for 3,000 additional missionary delegates, the largest missions conference in this part of Africa, to promote and encourage their work, to help them and their families in the future. We are paying for transport to and from the conference, working out all the bus logistics and sleeping, bathing and feeding capacity on site.

Above: our hospital is almost complete. We borrowed funds to get this finished, along with all needed infrastructure. It enables us to use it for accommodation for the conference before the hospital moves into the building. This is one of our biggest weeks as a ministry. We also have a shopping list for needed bedding and patient care equipment for the hospital, before our doctors and staff start using it in January 2022, for the poor and persecuted from a very large catchment area around us. The equipment must be purchased in Nigeria, not shipped in.

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