Photo: Boys Brigade march-in at Wurin Alheri

Seeing the decimation of Middle Eastern and African nations in the last 20 years has brought increasing pain: the numbers of “innocents” who have suffered, by sanctions and by war; the massive numbers of refugees, bringing incredible suffering to families; the harshness of other nations towards helping, their “solution” being more weapons, more war. This has been across political left/ right divides. All governments have indulged in this carnage, offering a “charity response” in decimated areas which have become fronts for lawlessness, money laundering and sex/ people trafficking. It seems the profitable “war against terror” was designed to be a perpetual business.

The paedophilia trafficking is the most horrific thing. It has been going on “unnoticed.” No one wants to know about it. So many cases have been covered up, e.g. Jimmy Savile and more recently Jeffrey Epstein. They had prolific connections at the highest levels, including Hollywood, banking and other corporations, politicians, royal families, law enforcement agencies. Well known social media and other big-tech platforms serve the industry. This much is on record. Today human trafficking is worth $150 billion annually. Credible whistle-blowers, repentant perpetrators, and victims within these circles have spoken of the occult that drives this industry. Sifting through these testimonies (there are always red-herrings as well), it is certain that child torture and sacrifice are commonplace. With the degrading of the family, more and more children are now vulnerable to these webs of abduction.

Transgenderism, “anti-racist education,” abortion, covid vaccines for children, are all being used to separate children from parental consent. They don’t care about racism, but only a way to disempower the family, the bedrock of free society. It’s like the re-education camps in China, where 1 million Muslims are held captive, and re-educated, with all kinds of “therapy.” Back in the West, paedophilia is being openly discussed by law makers as a “valid form of love and relationships,” to pave the way for its decriminalisation. Back to the Roman Empire! Welcome to paganism. The end goal is slavery and full control of others. Into this Roman world Paul’s letters burst, taking down the corruption, setting the oppressed free. Today, many have said, “What relevance do his letters have?” We are about to find out. And our view of marriage needs to be as it was in creation: that which nurtures and protects children.

It seems this is the bottom-line issue we are facing today: the suffering of the children. This is the thing no one wants to know about, that we all turn away from. Yet, this is the issue most important to the Lord. It’s always the weakest and most vulnerable he cared about the most. “Let the children come to me,” he said to his disciples. So I suggest he is saying to us now, that if we won’t recognise the plight of these children, then he will deliver us into the same hands of oppression the children are suffering from, so we will wake up and do something about it. So, the same global powers, the oppressors who have hidden their sexual and ritual abuse of the weakest, have now launched a full scale attack upon the wider global community, until we get a taste of their medicine.

They are afraid of being uncovered. They know their fall is coming (principally, the World Economic Forum and their associates and masters, the global financial colonialists.) So they seek control of us all, by dividing us with diversionary issues, like racial matters, left/ right issues, political parties, vaccine and non-vax, climate issues, other “emergencies.” We will have no freedom again until we forget about our own personal/ selfish interests in life, and care enough about the suffering of the most vulnerable to expose it and do something about it.

“Let the children come to me.” Protect the children. Speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. If we don’t, then we are co-conspirators with the guilty. And until we do, we are empowering a lawlessness at the government and corporate level that will take all our nations down. “It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. So watch yourselves.” (Luke 17:2-3) This goes for us as individuals and also for our communities and nations. 

Non-violent, non-compliance with evil. “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb (our allegiance to follow the true governor who gives himself for others) and by the word of their testimony (by maintaining the truth); they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” (Revelation 12:11)

Don’t argue, don’t fight. Find out what the truth is and proclaim it. You might suffer for it, but once proclaimed, the truth will do its own work and always prevail.


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