Above: CFM breeds Alsatian and Saint Bernard dogs on site.

CFM’s 2021-2022 Activity Report

From March 2020 CFM began to move the bible college from her rented facilities in Jos to her permanent site, Wurin Alheri (Place of Kindness) on the outskirts of Jos. We had envisioned this be done much later, but the pressure from our landlord in Jos made this a necessity by early 2020. To enable this move, we saw that three buildings were essential. One of these was a women’s hostel, the other was a classroom block and the third a library. We also added a fourth building, which was the main men’s hostel and bible college chapel building. A large onsite kitchen was built, to cater for all departments of CFM. A cafeteria was also added for the general public on site. A goat shed was built for our farm and a Fulani cattle vet clinic was held for our wider community. A school block was completed in a mission village in Bauchi state, and a missions block was completed in Gombe State. Progress was made on two other church buildings in mission centres. We were amazed that we were able to achieve the above in 2020. We also restarted work on our permanent two-story hospital building. The last activity report details this work. Here is just the summary for that year.

Everything else continued on the same for CFM for the year 2020. The children’s schools were run during lockdown, by our teachers visiting the children’s homes and through online correspondence with the students. The children passed through their year as normal due to the commitment of our staff. Our bible college, crisis-care homes for children continued and expanded and our discipleship and vocational centres continued to operate. Only the computer centres in other townships were closed for the lockdown. The lockdown was a disaster for Nigeria, with many people hungering through the period. It was completely unnecessary, and brought a lot of death to Nigeria through decimated medical and other services. The Nigerian government took Nigeria out of lockdown as soon as they could.

In 2021 much more work was undertaken on the permanent site. Another two-story class and office block made a lot of progress for the children’s school. The work on the two-story Mara’s House for restoring women was restarted and made good progress. A large two-story class and hostel block for the bible college was started and also made a lot of progress to the second level. The two-story hospital building was completed. A bakery/ second cafeteria and supply shop for the site was completed. A large security tower was completed. Other water and power infrastructure was added to the site. The school parents built a basketball court. Two permanent wood greenhouses were built. A second in-ground fishpond was added. Internal block fences on the site were erected. We bought land to extend Wurin Alheri to the riverbed below our site. Preparations began to start another computer centre at Jos North. Peace outreaches, housing repairs and widow’s ministry were launched in terrorist attacked regions. School fees were paid for children in our communities, and many others in need were supported through CFM’s Healing Justice.  All existing operations of CFM continued and expanded, except for our press and piggery, which have been restricted as running costs are currently too high. Presently, we are preparing for a large scale missions conference at Wurin Alheri, now expecting 4,000 Nigerian missionaries from around the nation to attend. This is to encourage missionaries in hard times, and also to launch our missions emphasis for 2022, when we will integrate missions in Nigeria with our bible college’s expansion. To this end, CFM has become a partner with Nigeria’s missionary fellowship group, NEMA, to work in cooperation. We will detail these in our next activity report for 2021-2022.

Thank you everyone for your prayers. We are so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness.


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