This morning we held a townhall meeting in Bisichi, next to Wurin Alheri. We hold these meetings in our computer centres in regions of conflict. This town was part of an epicentre of violence a few years back. Now it is integrated in peace. The topic this morning was integrating local relationships in farming and economics, refusing the division and isolation within our communities that monopolists encourage. That is, they pass on their image of monopolistic behaviour (dominion over others) to those within the community, when life only works cooperatively, in sharing and collaboration. We must live as supportive community for the circulation of local wealth. Ruth and I own three cows, which walk with a herd of Fulani cows, and return at night. We look forward to our own milk and yogurt. No more Coca-Cola, etc. We make drinks from local farm products, and for the same reason we promote the products made in our vocational college. We are now looking together to start a farmers’ market in this local township, based on local produce. Big controlling enterprises must go: local business, environment and family must revive.

This reminds me of the hymn: “O be lifted up, above all gods, we lay our crowns and worship you.” God doesn’t come into our lives and communities unless we want him. He is not a dictator, like the false gods are, who force their way in by deception. He comes into our lives and communities as we yield ourselves to his image: we bow ourselves, to become like he is. The image of greed we see in our monopolies and in other doctrines of dominion over others, produce a fruit of isolation and destruction in our communities. The image of God in our hearts produces a reconciling cross in our relationships and brings healing. We bear the image and fruit of whom we bow to and follow.


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