Monopolies take control of markets, taking economic, political and social power away from local communities, families and churches. They promise big industry (like mass production of tomatoes), employment and supply for local regions. But this ends in low wages (slavery), and kills off smaller businesses and small local tomato farming. When all this is done, the price of tomatoes at the market is increased for us all. Finally, monopolies can then control our whole food industry (switching it on and off as they wish) and this leads to dictatorship.

The only way we can circumvent this is to revert to natural ways of farming. We must restore our soil with compost and natural fertilizers like manure, green manure and fish urine. This means our farms aren’t highjacked by the high costs of chemical fertilizer and artificial health treatments. We get fertilizer and health from the soils and natural eco-balance. Then, market prices controlled by monopolistic forces can’t force small farms out of the market.

For the survival of our villages, our communities, our families and our relationships of peace at a local level, we must revert to and learn about farming God’s way. It takes time to adjust, but it builds a secure future. This means farming alongside others as our neighbours, supporting each other, so we don’t rely on the monopolies that kill off our local regions. We can no longer farm in isolation, as independent islands, as self-sufficient gods, as in competition with others, seeking dominion. We must farm together and support each other to win.

Don’t let monopolies divide us at a local level, and thereby they control our agricultural and economic behaviour, so they can drain our communities of our wealth. Our enemy is not each other, not our different neighbour. We must relearn to build our local communities together. It’s our only future. Farm together.


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