Above: CFM meets with local elders to discuss regenerative community, agriculture, and economics.

Britain is now mandating 3-monthly covid vaccination booster shots for people who are then said to be “fully vaccinated.” These vaccines are eventually going to kill large swathes of people, for various reasons. One reason is the vaccine technology itself, with its unknown ingredients and negative effect on the body in different ways. We are already seeing large increases in all-cause mortality in highly vaccinated nations. Another reason is that these vaccines negatively impact our immune systems, with mandates for the populous to depend upon vaccines for their health, instead of healthy diets and early treatment for covid. The same people investing in these vaccines are also investing in fake food industries and promoting these as replacement diets. The scriptures tell us that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations. That is, a diet of fresh foods brings us health, and the “climate emergency” is calling us away from that to a “synthetic diet,” which will eventually kill large numbers of our population. Diets have already been impoverished in recent decades through synthetic chemical farming (pesticides and chemical fertilizers) which has greatly increased diseases. This new system of “health” is being enforced upon much of the world. What we need is doctor-patient choice in health treatments (not mandates), and a return to regenerative farming and natural animal/ plant mixed farming and diets. Fake farming, diet and health systems are killing more than terrorism ever did. This is also destroying the environment and destroying local economy and wealth. We can do something about it if we take the time to educate ourselves to bring about the required changes.

Robert F Kennedy Jr covers the issues in this video.


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