Project Category

Crisis Care

Project Start:

Aid/Relief Fund project which is also known Healing Justice started in 2015


Project Aim:

To reach out to poor families affected by crisis, provision of foodstuff to poor widows, medical aid/Foodstuff to refugee camps, payment of house rent and school fees for poor children across Nigeria.

The Challenge

As the increase of attacks by insurgence/bandits on communities increases across the northern states in Nigeria, refugees camps became common with numerous challenges which include lack of food, cloth and medical attention. Healing Justice was put together to address the problem.

The Solution

Most of these families return to their homes with virtually nothing to start life with. Their children are been taken care of by paying their school fees, house rent is been paid for families that cannot afford it, medical outreach to attacked communities/Camps as well as provision of other life basic amenities.
from time to time, widows are been empowered with vocational training to be independent