OUR STORY so far…




In 2007 Kent and Ruth Hodge and a team of local pastors relocated from the south of Nigeria to Jos. The vision was to plant a Bible College that would train pastors and missionaries from rural areas in the largely unreached north. To this day the Bible college remains central to all we do. 

Boko Haram (a terrorist organisation) targeted Jos as strategic fighting ground. Conflict broke out on all sides as many age old tribal and cultural conflicts re-ignited from the instability. Whole neighborhoods were burnt to the ground. During this time our college provost and dear friend was killed in an ambush. CFM resolved to stay and be a voice for peace. Staff members were hiding Muslim elders in their houses so that they did not become victims of the crisis. We reached out to our Muslim neighbours who were also suffering, to preach the gospel through our lives…


“Forgive us, we have not loved you as we should” Proff. Kent said to the Muslim elders, “we have not loved you as Jesus has loved us”.

CFM began responding to the crisis. When violence breaks out it’s the youth who lose their lives. Those who have not had the opportunity of an education, those who have no future.

So CFM established a computer training centre in one of these areas. We welcomed muslims and christians. We spoke about hope for reconciliation and renewed relationships. Things began to change…

And we began to change. An auditorium we had built for our Bible college was partly-transformed into dormitories. We filled it with orphans and victims of the crisis. We employed carers and we began to see how it is in serving others, as Jesus did, that we find renewal; for ourselves and for our commuities. 

There are those we do not understand, and those who do not understand us. But we do not solve this by building walls. We do it by building longer tables and inviting others in that they may see the love of Christ. For it is by making the priciples of JESUS’ cross central to our lives that his Kingdom comes.

In 2019 CFM is an organisation with over 230 indigenous staff spread over more than 15 projects ranging from emergency crisis care to church planting and long term peacebuilding.   

We believe God is who he says he is. We believe he will restore all things. We believe he is the answer for our world and we pray for his truth, his love and his heavenly imagination as we seek to reconcile and restore what has been lost.