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Theology, Education

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To provide theological training for grassroots men and women who are called to serve

Teaching Biblical Theology

“A mile wide, and an inch deep” is a common criticism levelled at the Nigerian Church. In some instances this means expressions of church have blended harmfully with animist religions and practises. At other times this looks like being too heavily influenced by harmful western ideals such as individualism and personal prosperity. What is needed is solid biblical teaching rooted in following Jesus: our Lord and Saviour, transformer of our cultures and renewer of our land. 

CFI – Servant Rule

Our Bible College sees more than 200 students graduate each year across all our programs. Our motto ‘servant rule’ speaks of the need to follow Jesus and serve as he served, knowing that it is in laying down our lives for others that true renewal comes. Many of these students board with us at our main site, Wurin Alheri. Here they get the chance to see and participate in other CFM projects. We have approximately 400 students studying accross all our programs each year.