Project Category

Crisis Care, Education

Project Start:



Project Aim:

To provide shelter, education, feeding and support to persecuted converts

The Challenge

Although freedom of religion is enshrined in Nigeria’s constitution, there is often persecution for those who choose to convert. Many face extreme persecution from radical expressions of faith when they choose to follow Jesus as their Lord. Many others have a life-changing experience in midst of urban gangs and drug cultures. All of these individuals need quick intervention and ongoing support. 

The Solution

We provide a discipleship course for 1-2 years depending on circumstances. This includes board, food, biblical education, health care, literacy/numeracy, vocational and regenerative agriculture training until we feel the individual is back on their feet. Many choose to enroll in our school, vocational centre or bible college after completing their discipleship training. Many will even choose to return to their place of origin in an effort to take the gospel and make peace with others.