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Project Start:



Project Aim:

To provide affordable tractor rental services to the local community

The Challenge

Unlike in the minority world, almost everyone in Nigeria is involved in farming. Many poor will farm land, no matter how small, as well as seeking employment or entrepreneurial opportunities elsewhere. Tilling the land is very labour intensive and for many families this will keep their children out of school and even prevent the parents from seeking other opportunities due to time and energy expenditure.  

The Solution

We offer affordable tractor rental for small hold farmers (farms under 5 hectares). We also offer further discounts for widow farmers, whose husbands have been killed in the crisis. We provide our own drivers, measure the land and charge accordingly. We cover our costs, as well as contributing towards a tractor replacement fund, but do not plan on making large profits. This is a business that looks to cover it’s costs but measures it’s success by the social benefit.