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To provide access to clean water for local communities.

Access to clean water

Many communities throughout the north can struggle to have reliable access to clean water, particularly through the 6 months of dry season. CFM partners with a number of organisations and local communities to provide access in strategic areas as well as medical and hygiene training in order to keep water related illness down.

CFM has completed projects in northern communities affected by the Boko Haram crisis, rural villages where our partners are stationed, villages close to our headquarters in Jos and at our main site Wurin Alheri. 

Water for agriculture

Adjacent to our main site in Jos we have completed the construction of a dam. This dam collects rain water during the 6 months rainy season and provides access to water for agriculture during the dry season. This dam is used by local farmers, local fish farms, local industry (brick making) and as a drinking location for herders to water their cattle. The dam is for the community and CFM uses it as a peacebuilding gesture, inviting culturally Christian settled farmers and culturally Islamic herders to all benefit from the same project. 

Our latest project is teaching women to repair borehole handpumps. Across the country, pumps are broken. Women collect water so if they can repair them, they will stay fixed.